Can I Be Bothered

This is the question I ask myself when faced with trying to make a correct decision whether to go ahead with something or not.

It might sound pessimistic or even negative.  

But hear me out,  because it’s not the same as ‘what’s the point’ or similarly, ‘why bother’.

Can I be bothered is a soul searching question and helps me make a decision from a deeper inward sense, rather from my conditioned mind which is the absolute worst place to make a decision from. The conditioned mind compares, wants certainty so it can plan, wants to 'know' to feel safe. 

So this question of ‘can I be bothered’ takes me right out of my head and into my heart.  That place that embraces not knowing, trusts I am divinely guided, and helps me follow the wisdom of my inner authority.

It’s pretty direct.  Can I be bothered?

Do I really want to expend time and energy on this new creation, this project, for example.

It starts to become very clear. Bodily clear. Energy-wise clear. Then I can investigate the answer from this deeper place out of the head.

For example, I often get great ideas, even amazing names for online courses, workshops that I could offer in my business. I get excited.

Then I ask myself, can I be bothered, and I immediately sense into my true energy (not my head) and whether it will feel good for me to do this, or not.

Because sometimes, the idea might be a really good one, but one that my EGO wants to do because it thinks it has something to prove. Yep.

I guess one could also ask, do you think you have something to prove?

Which is directed to the heart center.

When I’m not in alignment, this driving energy often expresses itself through trying to prove something.

And there is never anything we need to prove.

Not to others, and especially not to ourselves.

If we unconsciously follow this drive to prove something, it leads to exhaustion, frustration, disappointment, even bitterness.

This question has made it easier for me to distinguish if my motivations are coming from my ego, or if they are coming from a deeper inspiration that will bring in joyous feelings, such as a sense of satisfaction, success, peace, and surprise.

If you experiment with this, I'd love to know how you go. 

[note: this question was presented to me by one of my mentors Dani Gardner. Ever grateful. Had no idea how helpful this question would be for me.]

With love & gratitude,

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