010: Courage to Bloom with Brenda Tsiaousis

The Courage to BloomBrenda Tsiaousis THE COURAGE TO BLOOM 

Brenda Tsiaousis empowers and coaches success-driven entrepreneurs combining online strategy and unshakeable mindset with her special faith-based secret sauce to create purposeful lives and thriving online businesses.

A Transformational Business and Mindset Strategist, Brenda is passionate about personal and professional development.

She’s the Founder of an empowerment program for women in business called “The Courage to Bloom Initiative”. The Let Courage Bloom initiative was created to help women find the courage to be fully themselves in business

Let Courage Bloom came from a simple principle she followed to build and grow a successful business online.



  • Brenda shares her personal story of how everything was taken out from under her when her life took a shocking unexpected turn.


  • Feeling like a misfit in a new country with nothing to hold onto and what turned that around for her.


  • Brenda passionately describes her definition of courage with 3 simple principles and expands on each with nuggets of wisdom and fresh perspectives you won’t want to miss


  • Her tips on how we can start to take the first steps to opening up and sharing more of our true self even when we may feel vulnerable in doing so.


  • The three questions to ask yourself when sharing something that feels raw and vulnerable to share



Find out more about her program The Courage to Bloom

Website:    www.brendatsiaousis.com

Email: BrendaTs@BrendaTsiaousis.com 

FB Group https://www.facebook.com/brenda.tsiaousis/


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