A program designed to go deep into expressing your creativity, unblock, and be playful, with a flexible structure of support.


The blood - Feel FREE in making abstract intuitive marks and the freedom that comes from learning some skills and techniques to play with that don't require a result or outcome. Explore and learn to work with a variety of art mediums, learn color mixing and palettes, intuitive mark-making (mess making too).

The bones - Feel LIBERATED from old stories and creativity wounds. Creativity through the 7 major energy centres to assist us in navigating the ebbs and flows of our creative process, and aligning to our Shakti feminine nature and the power to create. 

The muscle - Become more OPEN to what comes through without judgement. I will be encouraging you to work with feelings as well as what you see. Develop trust in that deeper creative part of you, giving it uninhibited expression. 

The skin - Letting our gloriously WILD expressions come through with total acceptance and love. The sacred circle of coming together each week to share all of who we are and what is being expressed through us. 

Program delivery:

  • 7 - pre-recorded videos. 1 per week to view at your own time.
  • 7 - weekly group live calls via Zoom
  • Private FB group to connect and share between live sessions


What is required from you: 

Make it to the weekly live Zoom calls - this is the skin that holds us together as a collective on a creative adventure. I understand that things come up, but the commitment to attend as many as you can is essential to expand your creative expression.

Proposed call times will be determined when doors open for the next round and the circle forms.


I'm open to payment plan if you need it. Book a chat.

Contact Me to be notified first when doors open in 2022

Aesha encourages you to drop the rules and allow your creativity to flow through from a divine source ...

Linn Purdon, from Wholebeing Business and Life, shares her experience in this video

Linn Purdon


Just do it!!! Speaking from experience, Aesha Kennedy has guided me graciously and tenderly through creative fields that I had closed off in myself ...this is not another course that will teach you something , it is a place that will open you to hidden realms inside yourself

Annie Radha Holcombe


Your approach to free mark making and joyfully leaning into making art has given me a permission of sorts to trust that my own life purpose will gently unfold given time and space. Thank you.

Ebony Balaz


I am truly grateful for what you have done to help me open the creative door, and show me how to let go into the gentle creative spirit. It has been a long journey in finding my voice, both creatively and in my life in general. Many years, much healing, and many paths have finally brought me to this time when in all ways I am ‘flowing’ and ‘flowering’.

Katia Krassas


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