When women gather, magic happens!

Creativity Circles are programs designed to bring women together, to support each other, and where you can experience transformational growth in your divine creative expressions.

  • Connect and share with like minded creatives
  • Release RESISTANCE when it arises and keep showing up anyway
  • Develop consistency
  • Strengthen your connection to divine creativity

All circles are facilitated by me, Aesha Kennedy, and held via Zoom to allow a diverse range of women to take part. Location is no barrier to being involved in creativity circles.

Current Creativity Circles

Shakti Creative Power - fortnightly online live sessions. The sacred and spacious circle supports highly sensitive, empathic women in business who are weary of feeling busy, tired, and overthinking to use their feminine creative power to grow their business prosperity that feels aligned, powerful, and connective. 

Creative F.L.O.W.  7 week program to learn skills to express your creativity with a flexible structure of support.  Explore what it means for you to feel in Creative FLOW, Free Liberated Open Wild


  • I draw on a diverse, creative range of skills to support you in realising your vision. 
  • Qualified Professional Life Coach specialising in creativity as personal empowerment, wellness, life balance and effortless manifesting.
  • Over 25 years of teaching yoga and mindful meditation practice. I bring a spiritual approach to supporting your innate power to overcome challenges.
  • 15 years visual arts experience to help you understand your creative process.
  • 10 years corporate business experience.
  • And, most of all, my life experience and wisdom in knowing our boundless capacity to flourish through acceptance, compassion and love.

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