Creativity Love Letters will inspire you to start creating, follow-through, keep going, and bring your creations into the world where they’re meant to be.

Each of us has come in with soul-seeded desires. It doesn’t matter what age you are. It doesn’t matter if you never thought of yourself as creative.

We are ALL born to CREATE.

We all have soul seeds of desire that we come in with.

  • What can you do to nourish your creativity?
  • How can you weed the fears that cause resistance, procrastination, self-doubt?
  • What will help your creative ideas blossOm?

When we don’t nourish those seeds, when we don’t let ourselves follow the natural impulse to create, we end up experiencing burn-out, overwhelm, feeling lacklustre, uninspired. If you experience those feelings it’s time to reconnect to your creative self.

Creativity Love Letters are short inspiring emails to help you see another way and transform the old stories that you aren’t creative, not ready, don’t know how, not skilled enough, not whatever enough.

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