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What does creativity wellness mean. The other day I asked a group of women online what creativity project were they currently working on this year. Entrepreneurial business women answered in relation to what they were creating in their business. Women who are artistic or work in the arts responded with what they want to achieve in their artistic endeavours.


It got me thinking about the difference between creating something for your business, and creating something outside your business. Business related creative projects tend to be goal-driven and results oriented. And there is absolutely nothing wrong with creating like that. Creativity wellness, however, includes being able to let go of outcomes and embody a sense of play. Something we naturally did as children. We could play and play and play for hours without ever thinking, where is this going? A playful mindset frees us up to experiment and try new things. We learn, discover and often delight in what comes forth when we are in a state of play.


One of the reasons I hear often, probably the number one reason, for not including more non-goal oriented creativity is time. Or no time to be exact. But what if we could slightly shift so we could include a sense of play within our goal driven creative projects. What if creative play was about cultivating a relaxed state of being, which is how we are when we play, that would help increase creativity and release struggle, frustration and overwhelm that often accompanies a tight controlled outcome-driven focus.




The tightness that comes with control arises when we view ourselves as a separate person, unconnected, who needs to control the outcome. We identify with this sense of being the one who is “doing” things when really, we are much more than a separate self. We are part of infinite consciousness who is having an experience of humanness. It’s easy to forget this, especially in a society and culture that rewards the idea of a separate self. Yet in those moments of quiet, meditation, connection with nature we glimpse that we are an integral part of a vast creative universe, unseparated from the creative source itself. We can let the creative force flow through our humanness.

We are wired to create and bring things into form as a unique expression of consciousness.


Remembering we are infinite consciousness in which this body/mind exists assists us in relaxing more into a natural state of allowing. We can re-condition ourselves and witness life’s flow without the need to control outcomes.  When we view our existence as life happening through us, unfolding naturally, creatively, moment to moment we begin to sense that we are not steering the ship, even though on a human level we may feel like we are.


Whatever needs to be created comes through us as and becomes co-creative form of consciousness, or love. Love is the nature of all of life. Being connected to this presence we feel complete, whole, well.



A few tips to help you re-ingnite your creativity , nourish your soul, and feel whole and well.

No extra time needed

  • When you look at things, see things, hear, touch, taste, and use any of your senses, imagine, sense, feel that infinite consciousness is experiencing it through you as an individual self. But you as an individual is not the one doing it. When you look at things see what’s in front of you without mind filters that describe and judge. Simply perceive, like an infant. This takes no time as you would be seeing, tasting, touching, hearing anyway… except with a more intentional focus that consciousness is experiencing all of life through you.


Takes a bit of time (it doesn’t have to be a lot of time)

  • Ask what has made you feel connected to source and do more of that. It doesn’t have to be a time consuming activity. And if you love it, you will naturally WANT to do it more. If not, ask what the fear is that prevents you from doing what you love.

Here are some ideas:















Let me know if this resonates with you, and what specifically did you find helpful. If you use the suggested tips, let me know how you go. I’d love to hear from you.

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To your creative spirit,

With love & gratitude,

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