An online membership group with

Aesha Kennedy

Mindful Creative Living

A place to connect with the company of like-minded women and grow your unique artistry and creative expression

When women gather, magic happens


Connect and share with like minded creatives

Release RESISTANCE when it arises and keep showing up anyway

Start and finish an idea with support and accountability

Develop consistency

Strengthen your connection to divine creativity

Develop projects in your own aligned timing

Accelerate your new or established art practice

Balance alone creative time with connected support time

Meet your ‘shadow’ artist and give her expression

Learn new skills from expert guest mentors

“Many of us wish we were more creative. Many of us sense we are more creative, but are unable to effectively tap that creativity.” – Julia Cameron

The Creative Women Artist Circle is a place that will support you to get out of your own way and experience transformational growth in your divine creative expressions

Getting out of your own way means willingness to investigate:


Resistance – the number one saboteur 

Creativity Wounds


Lack of trust in your process

Showing up for your creative self on a regular basis

Receiving the right support and help



Seven month membership of soul creativity immersion. A slow, unhurried time frame for maximum benefit

January – July 2019

Maximum 10 women




Seven themes, one per month topics will be partly informed by the seven energy centres of the body (chakras) and exercises from books like the Artist Way by Julia Cameron and Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert and other inspirational resources.

Weekly ‘contemplation prompts’ to help you dive deeper into your creative process.



this is the juice! women gathering together is the magic..

Live group circles from the comfort of your home via Zoom happens 3 x per month

  •           monthly new moon – explore desires, cultivate and plant seeds 
  •           monthly full moon – harvest, acknowledge growth 
  •           Love seat – a once a month opportunity to receive extra individual support from the group.


Online live meetings include guided meditation and group sharing.

[Times of the live online gatherings will be what works optimally for the group and will be be held on different days of the month depending on the full moon / new moon dates]




Partnering with a member to check-in and help each other with accountability outside of our live meet-ups.



Share and ask for help between our live calls. Post as frequently or as little as you like

FB Lives will be scheduled weekly on our monthly theme and include Q & A.



Dependent on the group needs and wants. Mini-classes in creative technique, Social Media Visibility, Creative Marketing & Sales, How to Write Artist Statements, Write  proposals, Apply for grants, & exhibitions etc.



FREE 1:1 private one hour coaching anytime during the 7 months. (Value $120)



Month 1 – Base chakra – Investigate fear. Cultivate safety, stability, trust, prosperity

Month 2 – Sacral chakra – Investigate creativity wounds. Cultivate pleasure and curiosity

Month 3 – Solar Plexus chakra – Investigate shame. Cultivate empowerment

Month 4 – Heart chakra  – Investigate resistance. Cultivate love, compassion, acceptance 

Month 5 – Throat chakra – Investigate lies. Cultivate honest creative expression & communication

Month 6 – Third Eye chakra – Investigate what’s not real. Cultivate intuition and non-dual perspective

Month  7 – Crown chakra – Investigate attachments. Cultivate Spiritual Guidance


7-months online group MEMBERSHIP

 January – July 2019

$70 per month** or 

One-time full payment for the 7 months $420

This is a ONE TIME special Beta price offering for the first members of Creative Women Artist Circle 2019.

**Monthly payments of $70 x 7 months requires your commitment to the entire program even if  you cannot make the live calls on some of the months. 

Next round starts

21 Jan (Full Moon Eclipse) – 17 July 2019 (full moon)

I am offering this low annual membership price to the first round of founding members and that price will be locked in  if you choose to continue your yearly membership going forward.




Approx 75 minutes each = New moon, Full moon and optional Love seat gatherings. These will be recorded and a replay of the gathering available. The love seat is by request if a member would like extra love and support.


As much or as little as you want to put into it.  I suggest 1 hour per week of dedicated time


You can share posts as much or as little as you like. 

There will be weekly FB lives on the theme of the month journaling prompts and suggested exercises. You can join me live or watch later.


A once a week suggested 20- 30 minute check-in with your accountability sister(s) that you will set up in your own time.


one  hour classes with guest mentors depending on the needs and wants of the group


7 months of connection and support with like-minded women to reconnect with the creative side of yourself,  grow and evolve your art practice, creative projects.

Starts 21 Jan 2019

Schedule a no-obligation personal chat with me to feel if this is right for you

Before the Artist’s Way support group with Aesha I was making things and playing with colour but I was quite shut down in terms f calling myself an artist. I could come around to knowing that I was deeply creative but claiming “Artist” for myself was not in flow. I knew I needed to do the Artist’s Way process but with 3 kids and a business I just didn’t make the time and commitment to go through it on my own. 
Spending time each week in the online group calls and working through “The Artist’s Way” process itself was transformative. I resisted morning pages like crazy and complained like a toddler but Aesha’s loving acceptance and the attention and support of the group helped me to learn that my creative outputs are perfectly from me and of me. That they are valid in their own right, aside from comparison. I now feel that I am an artist. 
Since then, I’ve been taking regular art classes, framing my artworks and showing all my safe friends what I’m up to. I understand that my artist is a little sprout and needs nurturing and protection and I’m soulfully satisfied at a deeper level than ever by my creative outputs. 
I whole-heartedly recommend working with Aesha to progress your art practice and soul satisfaction. 
Natasha Berta
Marketing Coach
Natasha Berta

I loved the Artist Way course with Aesha so much! I’ve done the course before and doing it again gave me a deeper access to my creativity and great connection and accountability in the group online. This work is magnificent and helped me stay grounded during a challenging time of relocating home. Thank you so much Aesha for holding the space and sharing this amazing journey. I’m going to do the course with Aesha again. I loved it.

Mandy Siegel

Communication Expert and Confidence Coach

The Artist’s Way has truly been a life changer for me. Julia Cameron is spot on in her interpretation of the creative mind. The book has become my go-to for emotional and creative guidance. With each chapter I feel as though Cameron delves into my psyche and allows me to uncover a deeper and deeper connection with my true artist self. This is a book to not only read, but to experience. It is not only relevant to practicing artists, but also extremely useful for anyone who identifies as creative.
Working through the book within a supportive circle of women under Aesha’s gentle guidance has been so beneficial for me. Aesha has a calm and sensitive approach that creates a feeling of safety, nurture and understanding. There is no judgement, there is no scrutiny, only support and sisterhood.
The journey of self discovery that The Artist’s Way uncovers is phenomenal.

Ebony Balaz

Artist & Designer,

I loved joining Aesha’s group for The Artist’s Way. I think it makes it much easier to do the process in a supportive group. Having the collective energy and Aesha guiding provides support and guidance to the 12 week process. My journey was a bit stop and start but I have made some wonderful connections from joining the group, and my Artist’s Way journey has definitely freed up some well hidden creativity. I highly recommend this process to anyone, and I feel inspired to create a local collective so I can undertake the journey again. There is so much richness within the Artist’s Way that it could be done again, and again, and again. It is a wonderful process and one I encourage everyone to explore.

Melia Brent-White

Thank you dear Aesha for holding this space. I rediscovered a love of writing and reading for the pure joy of it, rather than reading books that I “should” read. I’ve also embraced my love of colouring in and let go that it’s not “art”. I’ve started adding to my vision books again just because I love sitting on the floor, cutting up magazines and making collages! Thank you from the bottom of my heart for helping me create space for these joyful activities. Sometimes we need permission and you gave me that – to just do what I could in my own way! I’m now giving myself that permission. Thank you

Mitle Southey

Sacred Circle Holder,

Connection and Creativity

Live online circle gatherings three times a month via Zoom. Private Facebook group to connect and share as little or as much as you want plus I’ll be doing weekly FB live streams on the monthly topics and suggested explorations. Mini-Classes with guest experts.

After ignoring her own shadow artist, Aesha finally had to face her own blocks and admit that she was terrified of walking the wilderness of creativity. Instead, what felt safe was living according to others expectations, demands, and making constant excuses to not nourish her creative spirit. Of course this was unsustainable. We are creative beings and that creative expression is pushing through us like a seed sprout coming up through the ground to be in the light and grow.

There were so many excuses (read..fears) to not enter the wilderness of creativity  that included, no time, no dedicated space for making things, it’s not a necessary thing to be doing, I have to focus on making money.

Aesha’s long time practice of yoga, mindfulness and meditations helped her to understand her true nature as not only a spiritual being, but a creative one as well. We are all creative beings wired for co-creation and bringing form from the formless into the world.

Aesha Kennedy has 30 years experience as a mindfulness yoga and meditation teacher, and a practicing artist for 20 years. She facilitates annual womens BlossOM retreats in Bali providing 8 days of nourishing your spirit through practices of mindful yoga practices, creativity and connection to spirit.

Aesha loves being in nature, and the teachings of non-duality. She has studied yoga in India, taught classes in the USA and Australia and studied Visual Arts in 1997 at TAFE Lismore, NSW campus. Aesha is a certified Life Coach through the Institute of Life Coaching Australia. You can join her fortnightly on her podcast, Brilliant Misfits, where she explores all things creative, mindful, and artful and talks with guests about being true to you and finding your brilliance.

Divine Timing

I believe in divine timing. You know if this is the right time for you, even if there are butterflies about doing this. Listen deeply to your hearts wisdom. Trust in the YES. The mind will bring up fear and doubts but your heart will know. 

7 months to transform your connection to your creative expression and artistry. 

This is a transformative life enhancing experience that will spill over into all areas of your life.

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