is non attachment same as not taking anything personally?

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It can be so bloody tempting to take things that happen personally. But when we don’t, when we catch ourselves before falling into the victim pattern there is enormous power available to help us manifest things that are truly aligned with our soul.

For example from my own experience, sometimes I find myself getting caught up in wanting MORE. More clients in my business to increase revenue for example. So I make offers, put them out there and then nothing happens.  I catch myself making it personal. I think I must be blocking or sabotaging myself.

However, upon deeper examination, using this example,  I see that I really truly don’t want more, because I love a spacious life. I love doing LESS.

Not taking it personally in this instance creates internal space to further investigate and question how can I re-vision my business goals to work less and still have increased financial gains.

The divine waits for me to see this alignment. She waits for me to align to my true desire, not what my ego mind imposes. Then the manifesting happens … in a different way to what I originally thought I wanted.

Don’t take anything personally  is one of the 4 Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz. If you are unfamiliar with what they are I list them as follows, but it’s truly worth a read for Ruiz’s in depth explanation of each one, which when read over an over throughout the years has this uncanny capacity to take you deeper each time you do.

1) Be impeccable with your word

2) Don’t take anything personally

3) Don’t make assumptions

4) Always do your best

When we don’t take things personally we have an ability to be non-attached to outcomes, results, identity, desires and then the vast creative potential within us can rise and manifest in true co-creation.

Non-attachment and surrender go hand in hand

Have you ever noticed that when you do take things personally there is also a feeling of attachment, and a subtle grasping energy of how you want it to be? There is no surrender and room for the divine Shakti creative power to flow through you.

When we are in spacious non-attachment we can notice, listen and see clearer. Acceptance of what is, and trust develops that whatever is presenting is exactly what is needed. Then in that space of allowing, aligned actions can arise from our innate Shakti power that is the force that brings our unformed creative potentials into glorious form.

If you have any questions let me know.

If you are exploring non-attachment and not taking things personally, I’d love to hear what you’ve discovered.

Love and gratitude,

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With love & gratitude,

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