Embrace your feelings

How I embrace my depth of feelings without shutting down

I watch the news. I try to watch world news that is fairly unbiased. 

It’s a challenge to watch any news but I don’t want to turn away. For me that is not an option. 

I know many who cannot watch the news. It’s disturbing, especially right now. I get this.

Often I find myself crying. This alone could make me not want to watch. I might simply carry on in my blessed life rather than watching news reports which seem to focus on the dark side of humanity and the intense suffering going on.

But I also witness the resilience, light, and incredible kindness of humanity.

THIS is what makes the tears roll. It’s not the horrid things that bring tears…it’s the incredible human heart that makes me weep. 

Today I again found tears rolling down my cheeks.

I feel a profound sadness of how we treat other humans and that we really haven’t come very far in accepting all people as our self.


I don’t want to turn away. I don’t want to shut-down because I feel too much.

I’ve always felt too much and I didn’t always know how to handle this. I used to numb out, block, ignore, pretend, and everything else but let myself feel the depth of what I feel. 

It’s curious…I guess it wasn’t an accepted thing when I was growing up. No emotions please. For a highly sensitive and empathic being (I used to run inside the house at the sound of airplanes flying overhead) feeling too much can feel like a curse. But blocking, numbing, and trying NOT to feel is no longer an option that allows the energy to flow through.

So I watch, I feel, and when I get that helpless feeling, I know that by allowing myself to feel deeply and not hold back, it’s a start. 

Change doesn’t happen if we don’t allow ourselves to feel, if we cut-off, block, or stuff it down.

We don’t have to do anything about the feelings either. Even if we feel helpless, we are not. If we need support we can find it. You might seek to uplevel your nervous system as I have. You might find meditation to help you accept the depth of feelings you experience.

If we trust in a higher source divine energy, and consciously commit to feel all the feels, we can play our part in awakening human consciousness and realisation of the oneness that we are.

Let me know how this lands for you. I’d love to hear.

With love & gratitude,

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