Enhance Your Magnetism

What I have fully realised in my wizened crone years is this:

Of all the things one can focus on in life, first and foremost in importance is to focus your attention on your own vibration, frequency, resonance on a daily basis.

Everything is energy.

Science has begun to catch up to what seers, sages, yoginis have known all along: Energy is what we are.

And that energy vibrates, has frequencies, and resonance. We each have a unique blueprint that channels energy in a particular way unique to us.

Think about charismatic people, for example. It's not what they say that makes you take notice of them, but it's their energy resonating at a frequency that's magnetic.

You naturally feel drawn to them.

In the online business world, I've witnessed others (and have done so myself) approach marketing, selling, in a back to front way. We are taught to focus on delivering great content consistently, and implement strategies as ways to attract clients, make sales, etc. It all has value.

But the bottom line is this:  if you're tired, stressed, worried, exhausted you won't make any impact or achieve what you most desire for yourself in life no matter how hard you work at it.

Not in the way that is effortless, fun, and enjoyable.

So my heartfelt suggestion to you is this:

Start to focus more on enhancing your own frequency, vibration, resonance by doing things in your life that bring you great joy, elation, fun.

YES, have fun, do what you love, get into your FEMININE CREATIVE wildness, and watch how things shift into a more effortless flow.

I promise you will still be productive if that's what you want. But in a different way.

Your writing will be inspired, you will have energy to follow through with creative ideas, and people take notice because you are like a vibrational magnet. They naturally want to connect in with you.

Our feminine creative side has been in the back seat for far too long in our patriarchal culture. Our right brain has been slowly atrophying by the dominance in society to focus on left brain functions of analysis, and control over our environment, etc. (yes, safety is necessary, but we can do with much less control and more surrender into our intuition and divine guidance).

Give yourself an honest assessment.

Is your energy optimal, or less than optimal?

Spend LESS time paying attention to what others are doing and instead spend more focus on being and doing things in your life that enhance your frequency, vibration, resonance.

Start to bring fun, joy, pleasure, creativity into your life in a much bigger way.

The feminine yin side.

The right brain non-dual side.

Get to know your unique energy blueprint.

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With love & gratitude,

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