Everything always in flux

Everything always in Flux

This is the “way” 

This is how life flows.

Nothing is permanent or fixed or controlled, even when we think we have control, it’s but an illusion.

As simple as this might be to understand, it can be hugely challenging to live this way if we don’t cultivate a deep rooted trust in ourselves and thus in life’s flowing flux. 

No one knows what’s best for you except you.

Yes, you can learn from others about their learned information, their strategies for making things easier, how to self-care, self-love, yet ultimately it boils down to you being true to YOU and you do this by listening inward to your own inner authority. You know what is aligned for you and what’s not. 

It means being intent on moving out of your head and all the information you gather, all the stories you’ve been told,  and trust deeply and completely in your heart.

You, as an individual part of the whole of life, have your own inner authority that guides you to fulfill your potential. Don’t fall prey to outer authorities telling you they know what’s best for you. 

When you let go of the need to control and open up to being in the magical flux of life there are some things that can help:


Can you wait without frustration or anxiety? This is what patience is.

Cultivating patience allows us to be in situations with a clear mind and a steady heart. It helps us to persevere through adversity and appreciate the beauty of gradual unfolding that feels effortless and magically guided by something bigger than ourselves.


This is about self-trust rather than trusting in anything outside.

When we trust ourselves, we become more resilient in the face of challenges, more willing to take calculated risks, and better equipped to handle life's uncertainties which is part of being able to be in the flux of life. Nothing in life’s flux is solid, permanent or needs control. It is utterly free. 

Open to divine guidance

Opening to guidance is an act of receptivity and humility, acknowledging that we do not possess all the answers and wisdom in life. Whether it comes from mentors, loved ones, spiritual sources, or self-reflection, guidance serves as a compass that navigates us through the complexities of life and points us back to non-dual awareness that is always there unchanging while everything in life is always in flux, flowing and free.


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