Expand Your Namaste


Can you embrace oneness in all things?

It’s a beautiful vibrational sound, namaste, that brings us into remembering we are all from the same source and there is no separation.

I am you

You are me

We are one

I realized that it's so easy to embody and embrace this oneness when I’m gazing at a tree, or flower, or an animal or child.

Yet what about those darker more shadowy sides to life.

The narcissistic leaders, the unkind and cruel dictators, the ignorant who spread lies without even knowing it. (Hmmm and they are all humans)


How can we embrace and embody the totality of life, even the parts we want to look away from or fight against?

When you begin to see that what’s in the inner is also in the outer we can use that capacity to look within to our own inner ‘dictators’. The parts of us that want to control situations and people. 

And do we think that we are more intelligent than the wasp or bee or ant?

When you watch and truly see without feeling superior, there is an intelligence revealed in all of nature, in all creatures, beyond our mind’s understanding.

This intelligence flows through everything. 

It is an energy that is free and beyond our dualistic thinking mind.

It’s not about right or wrong.

It doesn’t care about genders and roles

It’s free and loves all things because it IS love, and everything that is created is created from the substance of love. 

Not just a romantic kind of love but a vaster energy that you can feel around your heart chakra. 

We cry at the beauty of a sunset, or newborn babe, and feel that in the body around the heart and then the tears mysteriously come and flow.

And we weep at the cruelty of war and destruction.

And yet it is all part of a divine unfolding. All are playing their part in the dream of life.

The maya / illusion is that we are a separate entity when there is really only one energy, one consciousness expressing itself as many, and in a creative diverse range of forms and plays.

On a personal level

How can we embrace and embody those outer shadow expressions of life without judging or making them bad or wrong? And I’m not saying some of the shadow expressions out there are not horrific.

What I’m pointing to is how we can bring that outer expression into looking within ourselves and being honest about our own shadows.

Like the example above of noticing our own need to control things and people. 

With awareness of our own controlling tendencies, can we look and see and breathe some space into our inner shadows and ask, how can I be less controlling and instead be more trusting of a deeper part of me that is bigger than my tiny egoic self?

The fears that arise within us, can we manage to see that fear and not immediately go into reaction. Not go into war with someone, or ourselves.

It takes a lot of self compassion, and if you have lived through trauma it's challenging. It helps to seek someone professional to help you move through fears and associated trauma.

Every war, inner or outer, comes from fear. 

Think about it.

Fear of lack

Fear of being powerless

Fear of being dominated (so go and dominate first)

Fear of expressing who we are

We all have these fears and what I’m offering and pointing to is to look within and do our own house cleaning. 

Get off the wheel of samsara where things keep repeating over and over again.


It starts with each of us taking individual self-responsibility so we can respond in a heartful loving way rather than an unconscious fearful cruel way.

Everyone is doing their best and playing their role. Even if we deem their role to be ‘wrong’  - can we be more conscious and compassionate and move beyond the duality in which this world operates and bring in the light of non-duality, which is one, not two.

Not everyone is going to be able to do this, and that’s ok. 

If you are aware and can see and feel what I’m saying, then I invite you to expand the energy of namaste towards all expressions of consciousness.

It will make a difference.

With love & gratitude,

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