Feed or Weed?Feed or Weed?

Would you expect the flowering plant in your garden to continuously bloom? 

There are times of fallow fields, winter season, times of  gestation and composting.

It can feel like nothing is happening.

What do you do when your creative ideas and visions feel like they are not blooming?

  • Do you get down on yourself?
  • Do you push harder and feel even more frustrated?
  • Do you immediately ‘default’ to thinking something must be wrong with YOU?
  • Do you try to distract yourself from what you feel in the very moment of arising discomfort?

What would it take to be completely at peace during this phase of the creative process?

 “Drop the story, Find the Feeling”  – Pema Chodron

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The mind can have a field day telling you all sorts of stories about why “it’s not happening”.

But it’s all fine really. It’s a natural process of creation. In fact, these phases help us expand our creativity if we use them positively.

THAT’S what I want to help you with.


All of the suggestions below take practice, like everything else we want to get better at. With practice and awareness it does become easier and quicker.

  • RECOGNISE as soon as something isn’t flowing or working. This is the first step to make shift happen. Make an intention to become aware when you are in this phase of your creative process
  • STEP ASIDE – leave what you’ve been working on and refocus your attention elsewhere
  • STAY with the feelings and sensations. Practice noticing if you are telling yourself a story rather than staying with the feelings about what is happening.
  • LISTEN to your soul. Take some time-in. Is there a message trying to get through to you? Your soul speaks to you when you become quiet and still.
  • FOLLOW your desire-prompts without judgement. Those prompts may come as a desire to rest, nap, read, garden, cook, clean, watch movies, lie on the ground, meditate. Anything that attracts you  …  Follow it without your mind doubts and judgement

Inspiration works in mysterious ways. This refocus on something else is incredibly necessary for your creativity.

Go out in nature. What messages and clues is nature giving to you today? We are all a part of the bigger process of creation. Life, the divine, is guiding and co-creating with us. Give her space and listen.




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