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Either Or

Because we believe that we have choice, our mind naturally goes into a  “this or that” and “either or” pattern of thinking.


This creates a split.


On the human level, if we feel anger, we think we are not spiritual. If we feel grief, we think we need to feel better and look at the bright side. If we feel sad, we don’t allow it for too long because we being spiritual means feeling happy and blissful. If we feel vulnerable we feel something is wrong with us.


Spirituality and being human are often in conflict. This conflict stems from the mind that works within duality.  We can recognise when we are entering into conflict when we go into this pattern of “either / or” thinking.


But in reality… there is no conflict because there is no choice. Choice is an illusion (described as maya in Vedic texts) and even though it appears that we have choice, there is only ever the presence of this moment unfolding infinitely. When the identification with a separate self dissolves there is only consciousness experiencing life through us. Not the other way round.


There is no either / or in consciousness. There is only one. And that one is an unconditioned love. And that love appears in everything.


Its impersonal and innocent, and mysterious, and wondrous.


The mind wants control to protect us and solve problems and that’s its job. Whatever our conditioning has been it weaves stories that create a sense of split between being human and being spiritual. Like being angry is wrong, or feeling sad is wrong, or taking care of ourselves first is selfish and wrong and the list goes on. Then we may think those feelings we have are not spiritual and we resolve to be better.


There is no better. All is perfection as it is.


We can, however, recondition ourselves on the human level and dissolve the untruths and lies we tell ourselves by aligning with the truth of who we are. Spiritual practice means embracing our humanness and that means accepting and being with whatever arises in this physical form including ALL the feelings, ALL the thoughts, ALL the sensations. There is no either/or. There is only the presence of this moment. We align to the truth of who we are as absolute presence. Unbounded by time. The essence of unconditioned love.


When you feel you are being punished, persecuted, or victimised take pause to examine. This is the mind’s conditioned perception, not reality.

Let it go. Find what’s really real.

The essence in every form created that we see around us and including us, comes from love. And love is the great dissolver. Let your self-image dissolve with this love and see what remains.


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with love and gratitude,

With love & gratitude,

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