Floating and Surrender

Floating and Surrender

Without warning I found I had crossed an invisible boundary and there was no turning back.

I was in a dream swimming in a river by the ocean when the next thing I knew I had crossed from the calm swimming area into a strong current and choppy water.

I could not return.

Instinctively I knew this.

I could try.

I could struggle to swim against the strong current and try to get back to the calmer waters or ….

I could let go.

I could flip onto my back and let the current carry me.

I could sense the fear and my mind in survival mode asking me questions like

  • Where will this current take you? 
  • What if you don’t reach safety again?
  • What if you die?

But as I lied on my back feeling my body bobbing along in the ocean’s currents I felt buoyant and light.  I fully surrendered to my body moving gently up and down the current carrying me along without any effort whatsoever on my part.

I simply had to surrender any concern to where I would land.

I felt a deep joy in the restful relaxation of surrender. No concern for where I was going. I trusted that I would be carried to a place where I could safely emerge from the water, or not. I didn’t worry that I may not.

And then I awoke from the dream.

And even though I might say this is only a dream. It’s a dream that has much to do with the waking dream we are in every day. Our lives, our work, our reason for being (if you believe there is one) are all part of our waking dream.

Night dreams happen without the same kind of language communication as in the waking dream. There is no real dialogue. Things are communicated as a feeling, a sense, a knowing, an instinctual recognition.

And so it is with this dream.

Upon awakening I went to the beach and floated on my back in the calm water of the ocean bay where I usually swim. I wanted to really embody the sensation of surrender and trust that I felt so intensely in the night time dream.


It prompted some reflection and contemplation about surrender and what keeps me from letting go fully and completely.

How to trust in life’s current and let it carry me along rather than fighting with it.

And at the same time understanding that the challenges and struggles of swimming against currents has made me strong and resilient.

But now… I can simply let go and float. There is no longer a need to be strengthened in that way.

  • Strength comes to me by having a flexible open compassionate heart. 
  • To say yes to life even if it brings up fears.
  • Move with creativity and courage and let life’s currents carry me where I'm meant to go.



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