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Reflecting on the events that led up to and during the Bali BlossOm Retreat I’m aware of how much contrast there has been. And how flowing it’s all been despite the challenges presented.

We couldn’t fly into Bali for the scheduled 1st Retreat. The volcanic ash hung over the airport for 6 days with no flights able to go in or out. It was one of those things that one just has to accept.

As I blessed each refund with healing energy I was very aware that we truly don’t have control over outer events but we do have a choice in how we respond.

We cannot do anything about a big event produced by mother-nature and when it’s this obvious we accept it, even if it causes us inconvenience. Yet in day-to-day life we often forget that the same thing applies. We move through life thinking we can control things if we focus hard enough, or do more, or practice principles of LOA (law of attraction). We can pour a lot of energy into trying to control events and outcomes.

Why is it easy for us to accept big mother-nature events as out of our control and yet resist accepting that the same is true in our day-to-day life?

Life’s a delicate balance of bringing intention and structure to our lives and at the same time having a deeper understanding that we cannot control events or outcomes. We cannot push the river as it flows by itself. Whatever unfolds, we can choose to develop the grace to accept things as they are and respond with compassion, courage, and openness to guidance and learning.


What we endeavor to create is always a co-creation.

We often forget the “co” part. Whatever it is we desire to bring into our lives we cannot do it alone. As we become aware of this we align & shine with life’s divine guidance, open and trust, and enjoy the ride with our fellow commuters helping each other along the way.

Honor your desires

Desires and wants will be there until they aren’t.

As humans we come into existence with natural desires that are seeded within. It’s part of our inherent make-up and expression. When we listen deeply to our soul-seeded desires we have a far better capability of co-creating a life that is in flow with our soul purpose, which is really quite simply, to live your life fully in alignment with the divine, god or whatever word used to describe one’s connection to the source of all that is.

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Honor your desires as your calling and co-create a life in alignment with those deeper desires that are designed to bring much joy and shine into your life.

  • Honor your desires as the calling card of your unique divine expression
  • All the answers are within you
  • Find ways to focus inward daily and listen deeply to the wisdom of your soul
  • Find like-minded, like hearted friends to share your life’s journey as fellow commuters
  • Remember that what you wish to create in your life is a co-creation
  • Call on the divine presence within you, and the universal energies around you for guidance

png IMG_2680


During the 7-day retreat we focused on the 7 major chakras or energy vortexes along the spine. One for each day of the retreat.

It’s a profound experience to work with the chakras. For one, it helps dissolve self-imposed limitations. It’s not always comfortable though and there were plenty of tears, along with laughter and creativity throughout the retreat.

On day three when we came to the 3rd Chakra it was about activation of our personal power that’s aligned with universal divine power and connecting to our inner strength and resilience.

When women come together in a sacred circle I witness a recurring and common theme, which is …

we don’t receive well enough. We don’t feel we’re enough, period.

We give plenty well. But we don’t often give in equal measure to ourselves.

There are layers of conditioning from generations before us. The ability to receive, take time for nourishing ourselves, and stand fully in our aligned power and shine brilliantly is hard for most women. Not surprising considering all the crucifying history that has been going on for lifetimes when women have used their personal powers of healing and wisdom openly.

This dark legacy is being dissolved as each woman stands in full-aligned power of sacred feminine energy and heals the ancestry that has come before us as well.

  • Take time-in to fill your cup so you can give from your heart openly and fully
  • Open yourself to receiving and watch how life pours into you exactly what you need
  • Love yourself same as you love your loved ones

png IMG_2597

Just before the retreat began I sprained my left ankle. At the time I treated it as the volcano. It happened. How I responded was to do whatever I could to promote it’s healing. Later I intuited that on an emotional level it was fear of stepping fully into my feminine power and sharing my wisdom and depth of knowing. You know the voice, “who do you think you are to …” These inner conditioned voices keep us small. I know this voice well and I’ve been supporting women to rise above those voices of doubt and align with a deeper awareness and remember their true essence that gives strength and guidance. This is my passion, my service and why I co-created my business BlossOm into your Self. Supporting women to honor their calling throughout all phases in life.

My big fat ankle reminded me of my Aunt Rose whose ankles looked like that. But it also reminds me of the wonderful book by Gay Hendricks,“ The Big Leap”, and his description of how we all have an upper limit that is self-imposed. When we unconsciously cross that limit, our subconscious finds ways to push ourselves back down into the comfort zone of limitation that we have gotten used to. But we don’t have to stay there.
Life continually supports us to grow. We can resist or we can rise up together and blossom.

Love to you
You are love

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Here’s a little insight view of some photos and feedback from 2015 Bali BlossOm Retreat participants

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With love and gratitude

Aesha Kennedy sign off


With love & gratitude,

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