Welcome 2015 New Year!

Another opportunity to let go of the past, make new resolutions and set intentions.

New Year’s resolutions often tend to lose juice and fade away long before year’s end. Sometimes within weeks or a few months. If you have found this to be true in the past, in this month’s newsletter I want to offer you the “green smoothie” ingredients to help your resolutions and intentions take root and grow.

Here are 3 things to consider if you want to make your New Year’s resolutions flourish and truly support you in living a fulfilling life.

1) Make your resolution a ‘true intention’ rather than ‘wishful thinking’.

• Wishful thinking lacks conviction. Unconsciously we may not even believe what we wish for is possible. Investigate your wishes and discover what it is that you truly desire.

• True intention is motivated by our deepest desires and that heartfelt desire becomes a force of motivation that sustains our commitment to seeing it manifest.

2) Before you can make a true intention, first connect to the desire

Your most heartfelt desires are like seeds that have already been planted within you waiting for the right time to be nourished. Different seeds of desire will arise throughout our lives depending on what we need at various stages to support our alignment to divine purpose.

When we align with those deeper desires, a true intention emerges that helps those desires manifest

3) Don’t judge your desires

Desire more money? Desire more time for yourself? Desire harmonious relations? Desire work you love? Desire more freedom? Desire spiritual liberation? Trust that whatever you desire right now is the next step that is supporting you to what’s necessary for your evolution in alignment with universal intelligence.

The Dalai Lama describes that there is innate desire in all humans to be happy. It’s this desire for happiness that motivates spiritual growth and evolution and aligns us with cosmic consciousness.

Your desires are calling you towards living your purpose fully.

The Green Smoothie elixir for successful intentions

What makes New Year’s resolutions more likely to flourish in the long term?

We can look to the ancient yogic practice of Sankalpa, a Sanskrit term, that describes the process as setting an intention, vow, or resolution that is borne of true desire and coupling it with some important essential ingredients:

Tenacity and commitment

Without tenacity and commitment, our ability to stay with our resolutions withers and our intended outcomes don’t have a great chance of taking root and blossoming.

But likewise, having just tenacity and commitment without a true heartfelt desire ends up feeling like hard work and becomes unsustainable in the long term.

So first uncover the seeds of desire that have been planted within you, calling you to nourish them and lead you to your life purpose. When you get in touch with your heartfelt desire it will bring with it your capacity for tenacity and commitment to seeing it to grow and flourish.


Let’s add the ingredient of playfulness into the mix by vowing that in 2015 each time you drink a green smoothie (or whatever choice of yummy drink you like) it will trigger a reminder of your Sankalpa thus bringing awareness to it throughout the year and reinforcing your commitment to seeing it grow and flourish.

5 steps to create your Green Smoothie Sankalpa for the New Year

What you need:
Paper, pen or pencil, timer, quiet space

1) Uncover Your True Desire
In a quiet place allowing yourself to become still for a period of time 15-30 minutes.
Ask: What is it that I truly desire in my life right now that will help me to be in alignment with my purpose. Then listen inward focusing on the area of your heart. Don’t force an answer. Allow. Breathe deep conscious breaths and let the desire reveal itself.

2) When you come out of meditation immediately write
what came to you without editing. Write fast and don’t worry about it making sense, correct sentence structure or spelling. Just write speedily for 2 minutes. Time it.

3) Go with the strongest feelings
Have a look at what you wrote and see what stands out and what feelings are attached to your desires. Choose the desires that have the strongest feeling.

4) Draw a circle in the center of a piece of paper
In the center of the circle write your desire (create a separate piece of paper and circle for each desire) basing your desires on the strongest feelings.

5)Tenacity and Commitment
This is what will support the desire towards fruition.
Draw lines extending out from the center circle like the rays of the sun. On each line or ray write spontaneously how you will support that central desire. Whatever comes to mind, jot it down on the extending lines. These can be practical steps, or ideas, or feelings that support the desire. Don’t worry if you don’t fill in all the rays. You can add on later whenever you become aware of another way to commit to supporting your resolution.