Hard-wired for Connectivity and Reciprocity

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Connections and living reciprocity are crucial to our wellbeing. Yet most of the time we don’t pay attention to the ‘invisible’ connectivity we have with the world around us. We tend to think we are separate from everything. This is the illusion that causes suffering. The more we let go of this illusion of separation the healthier we all become, including this amazing planet Earth that we are privileged to enjoy.


A series of recent synchronistic happenings brought this truth to the forefront of my attention. The first thing that came into my awareness was a Ted Talk I watched one evening before bed on the interconnection and communication of trees by Suzanne Simard.

Trees of different species communicate with each other and support the livelihood of the forest as a whole. Deep underground the root systems of trees support each other, including different species of trees,  through organisms called Mycorrhizu, a fungus that transfers nutrients to and from a variety of trees. This fungi seems to know which trees need support and which trees have the most nutrients to be able to give over to the trees in need. This is a wonderful example of living reciprocity.

You can watch it here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=breDQqrkikM


Humans also have a  network of communication through our nervous systems, similar to the connectivity and reciprocity between trees through their root system. Apparently our nervous systems have the capacity to communicate and support one another that is beyond language, beyond the mind.

This was the second synchronistic happening that occurred the very next morning after watching the Ted Talk.

I read a blog from a friend whose work centres around the human nervous system. Raquel Dubois explains how we are hard wired for connection. Our nervous systems communicate with each other and we can learn how to benefit from this seemingly invisible interconnectivity.

You can read the amazing details of her article here: https://embodiedpresencetraining.com/blog/what-is-nervous-system-work?fbclid=IwAR0ZBLjoOuumPKrz6wxdvPMAm6Sz3h9ZjFbZ6FrgtlT6xkqpVjF9HBA30YQ

After reading about our hard wired connectivity through our nervous systems I remembered three things.


A while back I went to Network Chiropractic to address a chronic back issue and learned the term entrainment. I would be in a room receiving treatment next to others in the same room receiving treatment, which was the lightest of touch to remind our nervous system of wholeness and alignment. Our nervous systems would entrain to each other as we were all being ‘adjusted’.. This always amazed me and I had profound results.


The second memory was coming home from holidays after spending time with my 2 year old grandson. Every time he was awake after napping and a bit fussy in his crib, I’d go to get him but every time he would immediately lie down and not respond to me. I thought he was being shy, but then I realised one day he actually went back to sleep as I stood there. While I was bemused, his parents assured me that this never ever happens.


And that triggered another memory of many years ago when I first realised I had a calming affect on people. When I worked in corporate my boss would often call me into her office to sit in front of her desk. The first time I was puzzled as she didn’t speak to me and when I asked her what she wanted her reply was, I just need you to sit here with your calming energy.

So this is floating through my awareness and I’m not sure what it means but I’ve learned to trust and pay attention.

I’m feeling excited about the new decade and how much clarity has come in recently as I continue to surrender my will to the divine and let the creative power of the universe, Shakti, run through me guiding me in my soul work.

May you enter the next decade with 2020 vision as the new roaring 20’s unfolds.

May we all realise and embody connectivity and reciprocity living together here on planet Earth, our mother.


Love and gratitude,

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With love & gratitude,

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