Holiday Presence

As we move into the last month of the year I must confess I’ve experienced a lot of resistance this past week and it’s been interesting to observe. I’m practicing surrender and have found that surrender comes with acceptance of the resistance and moving through it by taking action anyway. Showing up despite the feelings of resistance. That has been the key. We don’t have to succumb to the machinations of our ego mind that wants to control, react, and be the boss of our inner realm.  We observe and show up and take action from a higher perspective. We can LEAN BACK into the bigger part of who we are.


We are here as spiritual beings in a physical body. That means having a body we are going to feel things, physically, and emotionally.
We often resist or have preferences about feelings. I like feeling this and I don’t like feeling that. Or we feel unsafe to allow feelings to flow through us at all.
And yet it’s when we are embodied; consciously in our physical body we find safety, we are in the present moment, and it’s where we connect with our divine “I am” presence, our direct connection to source energy.
I’ve mentioned numerous times in yoga class that our physical body is ALWAYS in the present moment. It’s our minds attention that wanders and prefers to dwell in past and future imaginary realities. It’s truly a GIFT that our physical body is always in the present moment.
Take that in for a moment. It means that in one conscious breath we can BE present instantly.
Close your eyes and sense your physical body and take a breath into the present moment right now.


What better time of year to practice presence than when the holiday season is upon us.
I have some simple tools for you to practice this holiday season that will help re-align and re-centre you back to presence.
Yoga is a practice of living aligned with ‘source’. We don’t have to be on the yoga mat to practice.
• Each morning practice coming home with your physical body.

  • Breathe 10 breathes when you wake up while lying in bed before you arise.
  • Practice the 2 minute “heart intelligence meditation” we practice in class. (If you don’t know what that is you can listen and download from my meditations page).
  • Set an intention to remember to pause and take a deep breath through out the day and let that conscious breath bring you into your body and into the present moment and connection to source energy.
    • Practice the art of leaning back. 5-minute guided meditation. Once you know are familiar with this meditation you can practice it throughout the day
    Feeling is our internal guidance system (IGS). Like the GPS navigating directions when you are driving, there is no judgment when we turn this way instead of following the instruction. We are course-corrected and continually guided towards home.
    Let me know if this has helped you in anyway to bring more presence into your holiday season.


With love & gratitude,

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