Is your mind at the movies?

“I cast aside my need to conquer the mountain. I rest, and the gifts of the mountain are presented to me.”  ~ Alana Fairchild 

Since I started my practice over 25 years ago I’ve noticed how my practice has morphed and changed through the years. I now rest more between the poses and let the gifts be presented. Moments of insight, restfulness, wholeness. I take this into my day to day life and stop pushing so hard and rather trust in the process of sweet surrender into life’s flow.

Yoga has never been about slim bendy bodies able to do amazing poses, even though it has been very much marketed that way in the West. But when I think of the Cirque du Soleil acrobats they also can do amazing things with their bodies, but it’s not yoga. 

Yoga means UNION.

Union of body/mind/ spirit.

Union between our human form and the divine  source of all.

Union within Diversity

Yoga is a return to stillness, called Nirodha.

Yoga gives us tools to help us move out of being caught in the false reality of our thinking mind. And the stress that often accompanies thinking about the past and future. 

Human imagination is incredible until we start to believe it’s reality. Like going to the movies. We don’t believe the movie is reality no matter how good and enjoyable, or even highly dramatic it is. We know it’s a movie. 

Don’t get lost in your own movies believing them to be real.


This is where Yoga will lead you if you allow it to.

The mind is a wonderful tool to help us navigate this world in our human form, but  it was never meant to guide us in life.  For that we need to go beyond the mind.

The simple practice of conscious breathing moves you beyond your mind and more into your body, into presence and the power of now. 

The more we enter into this infinite, indescribable presence, our life flows. 

We struggle less. 

We make less effort. 

We suffer less.

Not because there is no longer suffering, fear, pain, but because we develop our innate capacity to be with what arises in our human existence with a  presence of being that anchors us into union with all that is.

The comings and goings of emotions, thoughts, sensations both pleasant and painful – all changing constantly while we anchor into the presence and awareness that is always there unchanging.

With love & gratitude,

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