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Teachings from the Volcano Guru

Beautiful souls

I had this amazing memory come up after I returned home from Bali. I can’t believe I’d forgotten this.

When I was a child I was obsessed and in love with volcanoes. Growing up in the state of Massachusents in the northeast part of the U.S. there weren’t any there, that’s for sure. Yet I was obsessed. I drew them, coloured them, especially loving the orange and reds of the molten lava coming down the sides.

It seems that my mysterious love of volcanoes has come full circle. Sure it was inconvenient and distressing to have to cancel my 1st retreat in Bali due to the eruptions but that’s not the impact I’m talking about. It’s much more than that. My childhood love of volcanoes has come full circle because the volcano-guru has taught me to really acknowledge all the areas in my life where I think I have control.

I touched on this in my last blog, but it really has sunk in to a deeper place.


Embracing that we are not in control can bring up uncomfortable feelings that we don’t want to acknowledge. It can feel more comfortable or convenient to stay within the illusion that we have some control over our lives. But when events happen unexpectedly, how do we manage that?

I’ve been asking questions like

How can we create feelings of safety and security for ourselves if we have no control over events?
How can we learn to strengthen our inner world so we can be resilient in the outer world?
How can we be in the world without being fearful of changes and unexpected events?
How can we find ease and embrace the reality of the impermanence of our outer world?
(Let me know your thoughts in the “comments” below)

When we feel unsafe we tend to want to control because we want feelings of security. But where does our sense of security really come from?

We have come to believe (hello ego) that we are the ones in control because we are identified with being the “doers” in our lives. But are we the one’s doing? Or is there something larger than us that guides our life?

In yogic texts they refer to


We believe we are in control of our lives but it’s an illusion.

I’m not the one in control and when I think I’m the one controlling – I’m in Maya, the illusion.

While we all tend to really get that we can’t control a big external event, like a volcano erupting or a demolishing bush fire, we tend to conveniently forget that the same applies to the smaller everyday things in our lives where we think we have control and can cause a lot of suffering because of it.

There’s an invitation for us to open up and welcome more divine guidance into our lives (however we view that) and make it a conscious bigger part of our daily living. We can let her lead the way in our lives by honoring the divine in all things. Namaste.

The divine (call it what you like) is always available to us when we become willing recipients. WILLING, NOT CONTROLLING.

We can acknowledge that there is a force greater than we by

staying connected, focused, non-interfering, willing, and receptive.

Instead of our need to control we can be the supporting player in life’s grand stage.

Then we truly begin to CO-CREATE our life and work in alignment with a greater guiding force that expresses itself through our hearts as love.

This is the Feminine Power of CREATION.


No need to force, manipulate, focus intensely, try harder, work smarter, play bigger, etc.

aaahhh! What a relief to align with the


Welcome back Durga, the Hindu goddess that promised she will rise up whenever we need to restore balance to mother-nature and bring harmony into our lives.

We are all playing our part.

My hope is that we can be in the world with a stronger connection to our inner safety and security that comes from connecting with our divine self connected to the vast.

So here are two things I’m offering you this month to consider. It’s really about becoming more RECEPTIVE and learning and practicing DEEP LISTENING. Listening without agenda.

First #1
Acknowledge and honor that you are NOT in control of any events or outcomes, large or small. The “large” we get clearly but the small things in life can be treated in exactly the same way. It’s such a relief I can tell you. You can put down the oversized luggage of control and enjoy the ride knowing you are playing the supporting role to divine creation.

Second #2
Use your capacity to tune-in your internal world. Connect with your internal sense of safety, your inner strength and resilience and get a sense of how that force within you is guiding you and has got your back at all times.
The willingness to acknowledge that you are not in control of outcomes, large or small, opens a VAST SPACE WITHIN.

DAILY MINDFUL PRACTICE of Deep Listening and Receptivity

You don’t need to be sitting in lotus position tucked away in a cave. Mindfulness practice is very practical and pragmatic and can be embodied anytime, anywhere. That’s the beauty of cultivating mindful practice in everyday living. You can apply this to any area of your life: relationship, health, work

1) Pause & Listen first to your breathing – it connects you to your body, mind, and spirit as one
2) Pause & Listen to your gut feelings – are there some niggling feelings you haven’t been paying attention to? Give them your full attention and listen deeply to what it has to tell you.
3) Pause & Listen to the whisperings of your heart – are you ignoring something that’s calling to you; a desire you’re longing for? Or have you been secretly pushing it away? Bring it into full awareness (you may wish to write them out). Hold these gently like a dear precious child who needs your love, care and attention and begin to allow it expression into your life.

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With love and gratitude

Aesha Kennedy sign off


With love & gratitude,

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