Living in F.L.O.W

Free Liberated Open Wild

Welcome to the infinite possibilities of living in F.L.O.W.





Everything else that blocks that flow is to be lovingly acknowledged and seen for what it is.

We will collectively explore ways to embody our unique flow in our life and work.

This is an invite for powerful, creative, spiritually-aligned women to gather together and weave your unique strands of weaving material (your gifts) to create a flexible basket of support bringing in new ways of being and doing that aligns to your unique FLOW, not someone else's. 

Each woven strand essential to the whole.

This is a not a course or program

Yet you will gain so much from having an open flexible approach in this masterHeart circle

Ask yourself, what can you offer into the circle, and what do you want to receive?

Let the masterHeart circle of support help you find and strengthen your flow.

  • Your wild feminine creative energy will have the space it needs to reveal to you how to live in your natural state of flow …. which can be quite different to how we’ve been conditioned and what we have innocently taken on from our more ego dominant post-industrial revolution society and culture. This is a reawakening of our feminine creative power.
  • This collective is a sacred place to unravel, and de-program all that has blocked your natural flow and feminine power.


  • Time Frame - 6 months. Doors open Dec 2021 for next circle starting  Feb - July 2022
  • Twice monthly live gatherings online via Zoom. Nearest to new and full moon each month
  • Private online group for continued connection and sharing.
  • Monthly fee - $44 AUD to be paid monthly for the duration, or one time upfront
  • Bonus for upfront payment 
    • 1:1 session with me during the 6 months


💛 Wu Wei - non forcing principle - how we can practice this in day to day life

💛 Learn the Art of sailing rather than the art of rowing - Let go of patriarchal conditioning

💛 Devotional Discipline - the feminine way of applying discipline

💛 Intuition / Trust / Aligned actions 

💛 Being comfortable in the glorious not-knowing

💛 Revisiting Ikigai - Japanese word meaning 'reason for being'

💛 Creative play and right brain focus

💛 Guided Meditations and Q & A support from our collective wisdom

💛 The Art of Stillness, The Power of the Pause 

💛 Weaving Shakti feminine creative with Shiva masculine stillness

This is a flexible structure guided by the group energy for highest benefit of all. This is very much in the moments evolution as the divine source creatress guides us on an extraordinary adventure of feminine creative power.

There may be guest offerings within the group (this includes participants who’d like to share their gifts with the group) 

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