Living in F.L.O.W

Free Liberated Open Wild

Welcome to the infinite possibilities of living in flow.

Coming home to your natural state which is:





Everything else that blocks that flow is to be lovingly acknowledged and seen for what it is.

We will collectively explore each of those words and what they mean to us. How we can embody flow in our life or business.

This is a non-program.

That is to say, it’s not a teaching or course like other programs you might have enrolled in. 

Yet you will gain much from the non-result oriented fluidity and flexibility within this held container of wisdom and sacredness with other womxn.

  • Your wild feminine creative energy will have the space it needs to reveal to you how to live in your natural state of flow …. which can be quite different to how we’ve been conditioned and what we have innocently taken on from our more ego dominant society and culture. This is a reawakening of our feminine creative power.
  • This collective of powerful, spiritually aware, creative womxn is a sacred place to unravel, and de-program all that has blocked your natural flow and attune to your true feminine power.


  • Time Frame - 6 months April - Sept
  • Twice monthly live gatherings online via Zoom
  • Private FB group for continued connection and sharing
  • Monthly fee - $44 AUD to be paid monthly for the duration, or one time upfront
  • Bonus for upfront payment 
    • 1:1 session with me during the 6 months


πŸ’› Wu Wei - non forcing principle - how we can practice in day to day life

πŸ’› Learn the art of sailing rather than the art of rowing - letting go of struggle

πŸ’› Devotional Discipline - the feminine way of using discipline

πŸ’› Intuition / Trust / Aligned actions 

πŸ’› Head to Heart an unravelling into the glorious not-knowing

πŸ’› Embodying Shakti - the feminine creative 

πŸ’› Creative play and right brain focus

πŸ’› Guided Meditations

πŸ’› The Art of Stillness 

πŸ’›Giving Receiving Reciprocity - embracing a gift-giving culture

Guest offerings within the group (this includes participants who’d like to share their gifts with the group) 

There will be more inclusions, as the divine source creatress energy guides us on this extraordinary adventure  of feminine creative power.

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