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The Art of Mind-Distancing


At this time of social distancing and isolation there is the potential for our mind to go into overdrive and wreak havoc in the form of doubts, fears, excessive worry.


I was pondering on the effects of social distancing and the idea came that we could also be practicing the art of mind-distancing during our time in isolation and social-distancing.


What do I mean by mind-distancing?


We have the capacity to distance ourselves from the mental realm of thinking and believing our thoughts as reality. Mind-distancing means just that. We distance ourselves from the mental realm of thinking and worrying and move our attention to our inner state of presence and heart intelligence.


For some this will come with ease and for others it may feel challenging.


Head to Heart


When we move from head to heart we find internal safety and security that doesn’t come from anything ‘out’ there.

It is what we are being called to focus on at this time. To focus internally on our inner state of safety and security. To discover how to uncover this well of boundless trust and unshakeable connection to the oneness of all life. This is not to diminish in any way the hardships and survival that people are experiencing right now.


However,  safety and security comes from within. We cannot rely on the mind to make us feel safe. The mind that generates problems and fears and then seeks to solve them. If we expand beyond the limited mind and move more deeply into our heart we can invoke our feminine power of listening, intuiting, receiving, surrendering and creativity.


We are awakening to the true essence of who we are. Our heart is the spiritual essence of our humanness. Presence. It is here and now and in that place of NOW we distance ourselves from the minds thoughts of past and future and the anxiety it creates.


Mind-distancing is like putting our thoughts on the outer rim of our spinning wheel of life and coming to rest in the stillness at the center of the wheel. Here, in the center, is stillness and we are able to perceive clearly, to observe without attachment, and simply watch thoughts, feelings, sensations spinning around on the outer rim … without having to engage or react.


If we practice mind-distancing we begin to loosen the grip of the mind because we come to know that the thoughts are not reality.  It seems strongly that they are, but thoughts are energy, like everything else. Not solid fixed reality. They come and go.




  • The creative energy Shakti is flowing and rising in you. Shakti is in everything created. The feminine principle of the universe. The creatress of the universe. Mother Nature, Mother Earth. All is Shakti.

  • What stops the flow of this immense creative power within is when we live in the realm of the mind, not listening on a deeper level to the whispers of the heart that knows. It knows how to support you. It knows how to guide you. It is where you can rest, take comfort and embrace the safety that is within.

    Let me know if this resonates for you. You may want to register to join my community class about mind-distancing. Details below


Love and gratitude,

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If the Art of Mind Distancing feels like something that may help you please consider registering for the evening class to learn more on how practice THE ART of MIND-DISTANCING.


Now more than ever learning the art of mind-distancing is essential to maintain our inner sovereignty of calm, intuitive knowing, trust, and creativity.


The tools and skills of mind distancing can help you connect with the safety and sovereign power within you that can then be passed on to your family, friend, client relationships.


Community Class on the Art of Mind-Distancing

When: Wednesday 27 May 2020

Time: 7pm- 8:30pm AEST (Sydney time) 90 minutes

Where: Zoom online meeting

Investment: $35 AUD




Class size limit: 20 people


With love & gratitude,

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