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Tis the Season

The holidays are approaching and with them a mixture of emotions, anticipations, unknowns and knowns.
This holiday what I wish for you all is the present of presence in all that transpires, transforms, uplifts, and challenges you.

In the truest sense… our ability to respond to what is happening, rather than react.

The practice of mindfulness


There is much written and you can research mindfulness meditation but in a nutshell – it’s being present and aware of what arises within you moment to moment.


We all talk to ourselves a lot. We get lost in the thoughts and engage in an internal dialogue. We unconsciously react to these thought waves constantly.

But when we are mindful, it’s like letting all those thoughts and feelings happen only you step away a bit and observe them rather than dialogue with them or get lost in them.

You can sit on a meditation cushion and watch and witness body sensations, feelings thoughts as in vipassana meditation. But you can just as well go for a walk, sip a cup of tea, be eating delicious food, find yourself challenged by a person or situation, and yet do so with a part of you keenly aware that whatever is happening “out there” is part of your inner experience, is indeed part of your co-creation. How will you take responsibility for that? Will you react or will you respond with kindness?


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Reaction is contraction, Responding is expanding

There is a sense of relief and a deep inner relaxation when we observe with awareness.

The benefits of inner calm, a relaxed inner space, is powerful.

The practice of being mindful doesn’t require that the activity of mind ceases. No worries about all the thoughts or about thinking too much. Being mindful is bringing our awareness to the activity without having to do anything about it.

We’re not trying to change anything.

It’s a beautiful ability to accept. Even if it’s not to our liking. We have the space and the heart to expand and just be there with our experience moment to moment and receive the wisdom, the gift that is there if we allow it to be revealed.

Sometimes the best insights, revelations and aha moments come from bringing awareness and presence to the activity of the mind. The awareness allows you to observe it like a scientist. What will you discover?

We tend to think we are going to discover something awful so we don’t want to go there.

But that is just the egoic part trying to maintain the status quo and keep us from growing, changing, evolving, discovering. It uses scare tactics to keep us small.

Mindfulness with a dose of Kindfulness

So, give it a go.You may be pleasantly surprised. Like unwrapping a gift. You don’t know what it is. There is anticipation. You are eager!!!

We all have a wonderful capacity to observe, witness, watch the full range of human emotions flow through us and With practice, we can begin to create that bit of space that gives us in-the-moment choice of whether we are going to react or respond.

We can cherish all our experiences whether painful or pleasurable or in between without that habitual pull to embellish or diminish our experience in any way.

We are the co-creators of our life.

Our outer world reflects our inner world.

Will we embrace the gift of self-responsibility and be the change we want to see in the world?

Love to you, You are Love

Mindfulness powered by Kindfulness

• Keep remembering, We are all doing the best we can in each moment
• Each morning take some minutes for quiet and stillness.Tune in to the calm and deep sense of relief that comes with the simple act of conscious breathing and observing what arises.
• Envision your inner observer as being seated in your heart.
• Place your hand on your heart. Take a deep breath and feel how tender it is here, how gentle, fragile, vulnerable, and strong. How it longs to share love and receive love.
• For Today: Let go of personal preferences on how you want “it” “them” to be and add a dose of kindfulness to your mindfulness practice.

This is an ancient Hawaiian cleaning/clearing medicine to help us be self-responsible for the co-creation of our lives in the highest vision we hold for ourself and each other.



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With love and gratitude

Aesha Kennedy sign off


With love & gratitude,

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