Misfit to Leader: my story

From weird introverted misfit to powerful feminine leader. My story.

I truly believed I was an alien when I was young. I just didn’t seem to fit in. I was shy. Highly sensitive. I mean, gosh, I used to run indoors if an airplane flew overhead because of the loud noise.

Why was I so weird? I used to feel cursed by this misfit feeling. 

So I tried to toughen up and be like my friends. I drank and smoked with the “cool” kids to feel like I belonged.  I faked being tough and strong in my corporate job. I stuffed my empathic nature down and I regularly hid in the toilet stall to let out my tears and then wipe them away, buck up, and go back to my desk.

Back then, I didn’t get that my thin skin and sensitive nature would be the exact gifts to become a powerful leader. 

And that’s another word I could never relate to. Leader. 

The leaders I witnessed in the world, in my work place, were ego driven, loud, aggressive competitive types, talking over each other, and I couldn’t relate. So I never saw myself as a leader. 


But here’s the thing. 

It is these exact qualities that made me feel weird as a kid that are my gifts today.  

The feminine power of intuition, creativity, and empathy.

Together we shift the paradigm of what leadership currently is in the world into an inclusive, collaborative, heart-based connectedness that benefits many.

Think of the those qualities in you that you used to dislike, push away, try to ignore. These are your gifts. Own them now and share them through the work you do.


I’d love to know how this lands for you. Give me a heart in the comments if it resonates. 

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With love & gratitude,

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