My Tasmanian Devil Mind

My Tasmanian Devil Mind

I didn’t see any Tasmanian Devils on my recent trip down to Tassie. I did however unexpectedly encounter my own mind devils.

Wandering in the most pristine place on Earth with remnants from ancient trees from Gondwana times, one cannot describe the magnificence of being in the presence of the land in Tasmania. The trees, the rainforests, the lakes, the breathtaking beauty, the abundance and diversity of nature’s creation at every turn.

The silence that’s communicated into every cell of one’s being.

In this quiet environment, the wild unruly nature of my mind became so much more evident in the presence of this wild and untamed external environment. And it certainly challenged me in a few unexpected ways.


At the beginning of our trip arriving in Hobart, I kept looking at my phone to check what the weather was going to be up at Cradle Mountain National Park in 2 days-time. Of course I wanted it to be perfect, sunny, windless day. But, oh no. Rain predicted. My mind became obsessed with weather. It was like that for a few days. I was pulled into the the mind devil of future.  Looking at the weather forecast instead of being present where my two feet were standing. I finally said to myself, right, ENOUGH. 

I stopped looking at the weather reports and become present and spontaneous, like eating an ice-cream cone for lunch. So good.

Once we drove up towards the national park, there was no phone connection to be had. What freedom. On the day we arrived I said to my husband, let’s do some walking today in the park. We have time before we can check into our cottage.

We did a 3 hour walk that afternoon around Dove Lake. It was cloudy but not really rainy. Mind’s blown, legs wobbly we tumbled home to our cute cottage for the night.

The next day after breakfast watching the paddymelons having their feed on the lawn, we went for some shorter walks. It started out rainy but then lightened to barely a drizzle. It was a magnificent to see the rainforest in the wet. The tree bark colours vivid from the rain. The dewy mosses of all coloured lichen everywhere. The creeks and rivers singing their songs.

The next day we found out that heavy torrential rain storms were predicted for the afternoon. Forewarned we left at dawn to avoid driving down the mountain in heavy rainfall.


After dinner I was looking for something in my suitcase and couldn’t find it. I asked my husband and he seemed to remember he put it in the oddest place in the bathroom at the last place we stayed. My mind went crazy. Why on earth would he put it there? Plus I was totally frustrated that I felt like I had to organise and keep track of everything. (this is my story I tell myself and yes... time to let that one go).

When I got to the bottom of why I was feeling upset, I was confronted around facing the truth about how we are both getting older and don’t really remember things like we used to. When I saw my fear around us losing memory, being absent-minded and forgetful, it scared me.

I wondered if my husband was losing his mind.  When I saw that fear in me, I came to a place of compassion and understanding for both of us growing older. Acknowledging this deepened our love and appreciation of one another. And we came to a beautiful place of acceptance. I’m so grateful for this.


  1. The biggest gift during this trip in wild nature is seeing how all of life has its own flow and it doesn’t have anything to do with a personal me. I am an integral part, just as everything else is, within this big weaving together and creative energy of love. I really got that every living thing is created out of the energy of love. Not love as a romantic energy, but love as a state of consciousness.
  2. I witness how I want to control things out of fear. And with some awareness I can let it be, and welcome the little and big fears into my heart. Treat them with compassion.

I ask myself:

  • Can I let go even a little more and fall into Mother Earth’s arms with trust?
  • Can I trust even when it seems like it’s not going the way I want?
  • Where in my life can I be more like the forest and the creatures dancing together, supporting one another in the interconnectedness of life?

I hope this story helps you in some way. I'd love to hear in the comments.


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With love & gratitude,

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