My Vision Board Crashed

The day my vision board came crashing down on the floor changed everything.

Bang. It thudded to the floor of my office without warning.

I was dismayed at first. Almost superstitiously so. Omg what does it mean?

Then as I stared at the board lying on the floor a voice somewhere in my head said, well that’s it then.

I’ve never made another. I understood in a flash the relevance of it lying there on the floor.

A realisation that I no longer needed it. 

A realisation that there is no need to have a vision board as if it were the key to my manifesting everything I want which I think I know best about. Hmmm.

I’m not knocking the vision boarders out there.

It’s about how I came to understand that this ‘me’ behind the vision board no longer exists as such.

The idea of  ‘me’ that believes it makes things happen. The ‘I’ that thinks it’s in control of life.

And who doesn’t think that they are the ones choosing what they want in life? We have been inundated with tons of books and programs that say we do have control, free will, and that we are in charge of making it happen.

But it’s not true. It seems that way. It appears like we do. We even feel like we make it happen. But when you go deeper into it, it dissolves. The notion of a me who is running the show dissolves.

Science and ...

Science is now showing us through some interesting tests they are doing that a decision is made before the conscious mind catches up. So who, or what, is making a decision?

At least 7 seconds after an action or decision happens, this sense of ‘me’  claims ownership. I chose that. But who was choosing before that 7 seconds, when it was already decided?

It’s kind of crazy. One doesn’t claim they are controlling the heart pumping, blood circulating. It’s all happening without a me claiming the doing of it. So what’s the difference between that and anything else that happens in life.

Things happen

Life is an exquisite mystery and flowing energy. An energy of infinite unbounded love. There is intelligence beyond what the human mind can conceive.

A most unpopular notion is that we don’t choose, have control, or any free will.

When my vision board crashed there was a deep understanding of that truth. I don’t need to make things happen. There is no ‘me’.

Things simply happen. Without a me.

And life is so Free. Unbound. Untethered. 

With love & gratitude,

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