Neutrality is not Mediocrity

What’s the difference between Neutrality and Mediocrity?

There seems to be an attraction in this human life to high drama or even medium drama. Or drama full stop.

Maybe it’s the wisdom that comes from age and life experiences but I much prefer the calm lake to the whirlwind hurricane drama that has one on the edge of one’s seat,  and then feeling triumphant when making it through.  And conversely, down in the dumps when you don’t sail through like you thought you would.

I was pondering, (as I do)  about the beautiful calm lake feeling that comes with neutrality.

It reminds me of this well known Buddhist saying:

Before enlightenment, chop wood, carry water.

After enlightenment, chop wood, carry water

An equanimous state where life events come and go and there is a consciousness of being that’s untouched, neutral  to whatever happens in the moments, impartial because of understanding that things change and come and go in this life.

The Buddhist often describe this neutrality of mind as equanimity. A mental attitude of balance, impartiality, and detachment (which probably means detachment from identification with any thought).

Perhaps the ‘addiction’ to drama in our society is to counter the idea that being neutral is BORIIIIING..

It may also get confused with the idea of mediocrity..

And no one wants to be mediocre or feel mediocre. 

But it’s not the same thing.

Here’s why:

Mediocrity is described as being average or ordinary. There’s a negative connotation to being seen or felt as mediocre, even though there is really nothing bad about being ordinary. And who’s deciding about that anyway.

Neutrality can be described as impartiality. 

 An absence of decided views, expression, or strong feeling.

This description might give a false idea that it means we are emotionless. A zombie. Have no feelings about anything.

Our current societies seem to view being mediocre as not something to aspire to and in fact do whatever you can to NOT be mediocre.

However, I tend to view neutrality as a gift

You feel EVERYTHING and yet there is NO DRAMA.

Ahhhhh …  I sigh at the very words, no drama.

Centered in the infiniteness of being a neutral observer, an impartial witness, where one can simply be equanimous with the movements and creative flow of life’s dance and enjoy the “movie”.

With love & gratitude,

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