No need to get rid of

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The question I’ve asked myself is, what if we stopped focusing on the ego as the “bad guy”?  Something to be rid of.  Something that needs to die in order to be happier, more peaceful, even enlightened.

What if we stop trying to seek for all the things we think we need in order to arrive at a better place, and instead switch our attention to what is happening right now in this moment. This is where our freedom is. Right here. 

We already are what we are seeking. 

There is wholeness right now and nothing needs to be gotten rid of. Instead when we can shift our focus away from what’s not real, like our thoughts, and attune to the really-real, the one consciousness that we are, then every false thing we’ve been conditioned to believe as reality, like the stories we’ve told ourselves, begins to dissolve on its own.

If there is no separate ‘you’ existing outside of consciousness and if the “I” doesn’t really exist, then who is it that needs to get anything, including enlightenment.

It’s feels like a paradox to grasp that there is no-one who gets enlightened. We think that there is a somebody who can get things because we are trained to feel solid and real. But its an illusion. We are not as solid and real as we imagine. 

It’s like quantum physics, where the sub-atomic particle exists only when focused on and observed. This is the most incredible mystery. Quantum mechanics points to the illusion of  reality where nothing exists without an observer to observe it. It points to everything being energy and not a solid thing. And it only appears solid when observed.

If we apply the quantum explanation of reality to the existence of a separate self, then the “I” only exists when we focus on it, which we have been highly trained and conditioned to do. 

The ego, the “I”, actually doesn’t really exist, but only appears real when we focus on it, which for most of us, is most of the time.

What if we focus and attune to the truth of what we are instead?

Attune to the expansive energy of love, vast, boundless, unconditioned, and innocent.

This is what you are.


Let the ego be

Nothing needs to be gotten rid of

Simply dissolve the sense of being a solid you.



How can we bring this into our daily life and what will help dissolve the illusion of ‘me’ when all around us is the reinforcement that the self is real, that it makes choices, and is the one that gets whatever it wants.

Two simple daily practices:

1 – Daily Enquiry 

Through meditation, quiet time, journaling, connect with what you really are, beyond mind narratives, ideas, concepts. Tune-in to the energy in you that is boundless, feels like unconditioned love, and has a restful peaceful feeling.

2 – Connected to breath 

Bringing conscious attention to breath brings us into the present moment. We can switch from thinking to a consciousness of noticing our sensations, feelings, thoughts, and being able to watch it all without needing to do anything but simply watch.


Let me know how this lands for you.

with love and gratitude,


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With love & gratitude,

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