O N E – Unity Consciousness

How we can integrate unity consciousness in day to day life.

When you work with clients or interact within your family or relationships and friendships, it’s incredibly expanding to remember there is never ever two, only one.

We can bring unity consciousness and non-dual reality into the foundation of our day to day life. 

For example:
When you work with clients or interact with your family or friends

• see yourself in the ‘other’
• honour ‘others’ perspective as part of wholeness
• bow to the wisdom in others and recognise it is the same source wisdom within all of us

Notice how much more space you give yourself and others for the unfolding of our highest potential.

We are ONE appearing as different wondrous creative expressions.

It’s easy to forget this truth.

And just as easily, we can come back into it.

Here are some tips on how to do that:

• Before meeting with clients sit quietly for 5 minutes and sense the space of an aware presence. Take a few minutes to rest your attention there instead of on your thoughts. Feel yourself softening and relaxing into this formless space of awareness.

• Set up a consistent 10-minute a day practice to strengthen your capacity to rest your attention on presence and awareness, rather than thoughts.  Our default is usually centered around thinking. Note how you can place attention on whatever you want to focus on.

Consistently practice bringing your attention to the sense of awareness that is there. You don’t have to create it or look for it. Be still, relax and notice the awareness that is always there.

• No matter where you are when you take one deep conscious breath you return to present awareness.  One conscious breath is all it takes. Each conscious breath brings you home.

Let me know how you go.  I’d love to hear how this perspective shifts things in your relationships and client work..

With love & gratitude,

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