OM and YES

I recently heard a description that the sound of OM is an energetic expression of YES.

A deep yes to life.

The vibrational sound of OM is oft described as the sound of creation and it makes vibrational sense that this sound can be translated as an energetic yes to the creative life force flowing throughout the universe.

It reminds me of that wonderful artwork created by Yoko Ono in 1996.

It was a ladder you had to climb to the top, and when you got to the top you looked up and used a magnifying glass that was there to read the tiny writing above. And what you saw magnified was the word YES.

It was called by the NY Times a positive thinking artwork.

But I feel it points to more than positive thinking. It is pointing to something beyond the mind.

Yes as full surrender


A surrender to the illusion of the mind that separates us from all that is.

Without thoughts that separate, there is no sense of duality. There is only connectedness, oneness, and an energetic YES to all that is, and all that happens moment to moment.

Life flows through us, when we don’t resist or try to control it.

Being in flow in this way is a YES to life as it is.

It feels restful to flow with life even in the discomforts.

Trying to control life or resist what’s happening, is like an energetic no to life. And it can feel like struggle, suffering, pain.

Let go and let god. While you may not resonate with the word “god,” you get the drift.

Trusting in the bigger picture, the mystery of life, and learning to trust in how things unfold without trying to control it all.

There is thought and there is reality. And they’re not the same

The two are not the same even though we may be so totally convinced that they are.

I encourage you to investigate this though.

Start to see that thoughts are simply thoughts and are not reality. Thoughts center on the past or the future and thus veil the immediacy of what’s right here now in all its spectacular splendor.  Caught up in past or future thoughts we miss the moment before us.

Yes can feel like a no

Yes to ourselves sometimes results in a ‘no’ to the outer situations and circumstances.

When we say yes to ourselves we might find ourselves having to say no to others. This can be challenging for us, especially women, who have been trained to be more submissive, polite, don’t rock the boat, care for others first.

This conditioning is unhelpful, even when we’re trying to help.

So the next time you find yourself in a yoga or meditation class or perhaps on your own and you sing the sound OM, feel that opening in your heart and let yourself surrender to life. Let go of your need to control, and trust that the forces of the universe are always supporting you to be true to who you are and not what others would have you be.

It's a deep honoring of yourself as an integral, unique, expression of the whole.




With love & gratitude,

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