Pottery and Weeds

How many times does the universe have to show you before you get it?

This is what I said to myself when the universe once again showed me the falsity of my thinking.

Like weeds appearing after a rain, my old pattern of doubting sprouted a bunch of new weeds around putting my creative expressions out into the world.

It was the End of Year Sale at our community pottery studio. I had a year’s worth of making pottery to sell.

I love my pottery. I think they are beautiful.  

But once again, my doubting mind had me so convinced that most people would probably not be interested in buying my ‘weird’ shaped imperfect pots, I brought along 2 books to read. I thought it would be a loooong hot day.

NOT ….

I sold one piece early on. Then another, and then my pottery was like a magnet. Peeps loving them AND buying them.

Then I started doubting the prices I put on them. Was it enough?

OMG I had to laugh at myself.


So here’s the thing… Or actually a few things I want to share with you.

When your doubts come up like weeds about what you are creating and selling say, 

thank you very much but I am driving here.

“Dear doubt, you can ride along in the back seat with me, but remember I am in the driver’s seat and we are on a co-creative adventure with trust, love, and wild possibilities.”

Be super clear on your pricing and what is driving your prices whether that’s products or services you provide.

  • Are your prices reflecting fear that no-one will buy?
  • Do you think it’s arrogant to charge a higher price?
  • Do you doubt the true value in your work?
  • If nothing sells does it mean you are not good enough?

I have answered YES to those questions.  

Here’s a few simple things I found useful :

  • Take note what’s being said in your head. 
  • Invite your weedy thoughts into the back seat and see yourself as sitting in the front seat hands on the steering wheel.
  • Call in help to support sharing and selling in ways that feel aligned and prosperous to you.

One thing I know for sure is you don’t have to be driven by your unsupportive thinking.

And you don’t have to drive alone in the front seat.

You can invite good supportive company along the way.

Let me know if this resonates and what you are doing to weed your doubts and feed your brilliance.

With love & gratitude,

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