Release and Awaken

Hello friends,

What does it mean when we refer to release in the context of awakening?

I recently went on a 3 day silent retreat.

Not even a whisper, except the trees. No neighbors, and the natural environment was nourishing on all levels.

I was ready.

The opportunity presented.

Only three days and what a difference. I dropped into a deep silence, a presence that was so peaceful and restful it was like a magnet drawing me deeper and deeper into it. 

Even now I can pause and that place (although it’s not a place as such) is there.

It’s always there. 

We just cover it with our busyness and thinking and concerns and control.

What if we RELEASE and let go, even for a short time?


Could you set up your life to regularly release what you think and awaken to the essence of what you are?

What’s helpful is a strong desire to know what you are, and an earnest commitment to that seed of desire blossoming.

The awakening of directly experiencing life as it is without a filter of thinking overlaying the experience.

A release of all you’ve held on to. And then an awakening shift. A felt silence that is not a sound or lack of sound. It is the ground of being that is so full and so empty.

 No force is required.

When you flow with life, you know that no force is needed ~ Lao Tzu

To flow with life is to continuously release.

  • Release control.
  • Release believing in thoughts as reality. 
  • Release tension in the body, letting it soften and become receptive.

I noticed a few things leading up to the divine timing of the silent retreat and the shifts that happened.

  1. willingness to surrender. Surrender thoughts that incessantly run through commenting, describing, dramatizing. Let them come and go
  2. a deep desire to awaken from the dream of separation. When I feel that desire, I recognize it’s the most important desire in my heart. It’s not a desire as a concept. It’s living and breathing in me. 

If you feel a call in your heart to enter more regularly this place of silence and alert stillness, please let me know. 

There may be a silent retreat in nature for a long weekend that I might be able to organize if there is interest.

With love & gratitude,

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