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Hello dears

What happens to me in Bali at my Bali BlossOM retreats?

My brain balances it’s left and right sides. What that feels like is odd to say the least. Like I’m not fully functioning, that I’m resting a lot. Maybe too much.  I notice intuition and an inner compass guiding me and I really don’t have to decide anything before there it is before me showing me what’s next, what’s needed.


It’s a delicious flow and yet every once in a while my mind jumps in with a question mark. The lines are blurred.  I haven’t been in Facebook groups or writing much on my page. In other words I’m not taking care of business. And I can’t right now. It’s not possible. I’m allowing my right brain to function more and it’s delicious. It takes getting used to.


It’s like having a bunch of clothes in your closet and realising one day that you don’t need all of them. You don’t wear but a rather small selection. And then you remove the extraneous and simplify.


My mind is simplifying

My body is purging

I’m embracing that there is a shifting of gears and new beginnings are appearing before me. I want to embrace them fully and fearlessly.


Do you mistake being totally relaxed with thinking you’re tired or exhausted? And then have another cuppa tea or coffee to you can push on.


Perhaps your body is adjusting to its natural flow and rhythm and the tiredness is really a deep let go and relaxation. I notice how challenging it is to embrace this deep let go and relaxation without thinking there is something ‘wrong’. Without feeling like you will not get what needs doing done.


May I reassure you that you will get things done and with more spaciousness and joy than ever before if you allow your right brain to kick in and creatively show you how to get more done doing less.

With love and gratitude,

More than I bargained for
Worrier or Warrior
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