Welcome to the rise of your innate Shakti Creative Power to transform, support, and empower you in your business

Do Less • Be More 

I invite you to step into your true power arising from the feminine. 

Drop the pushing, forcing, and hustling once and for all. Even in its most subtle forms it is what depletes and exhausts you. Honour your innate feminine creative power (Shakti) and grow your business in F.L.O.W. - Free Liberated Open Wild 

This sacred circle supports spiritually aware, empathic women in business who are weary of using old strategies that don't quite fit and want to implement new ways to grow their business aligned with their innate feminine creative power and unique blueprint.

  • Create the space to drop out of your head and listen to the inner authority
  • Soften into the guidance of your feminine wisdom of intuition, creativity.
  • Let your feminine power be the main driver in your business that informs the masculine what outer structures are needed to support growth that’s aligned, powerful, connective, prosperous.

We meet via Zoom online fortnightly (every other week)

If you are a coach, healer, light-worker, creative, visionary, this group circle will support your innate Shakti creative power to serve and expand your business in harmony with who you are and how you serve.

  • Take a stand for your vision and share all of you with connected confidence
  • Use your power of intuition and creativity to do business aligned with your Shakti nature
  • Attract soul-aligned clients who want to work with you without needing to convince them

  Investment $777 AUD total

12 weeks = 6 live call sessions fortnightly

Doors are open for next circle

Oct 6 - Dec 15, 2021

Proposed times: Weds 4-5:30pm AEDT

Only 6 participants for greater value and connection

Twice monthly gatherings

6 live online Zoom sessions

Pay in Full Bonuses

1) private coaching 1-hour session with me (Value $250)

2) 30-min personal Human Design overview (Value $150)

Payment plan available upon request

"We just finished our 3 month shakti creative power circle. It was just a beautiful experience. This was particularly important to me and my business because it was time I could step out from the groups or places I am known in a certain way and feel free to be me and explore what was really important to me. I most appreciated the slowing down and the time to be quiet and witnessed in circle. Aesha brought together an amazing circle of women and held a lovely container for us. It was such a lovely transformative experience. Highly recommend working with Aesha."

Suzanne Culberg, The Weight Loss Coach

 General Outline of Themes


These are the three pillars we will work with during the total 12 weeks. We will meet online via Zoom every two weeks which gives us time to integrate between gatherings. You will have access to our private FB group to share and ask questions between our live calls.

Our spacious sacred container will include: 

  • Online Group Connection & Sharing Circle via Zoom
  • Yin Yoga Classes online available during the duration of the program (Value $240+)
  • Guided meditations and contemplations  
  • Private FB group for connection/sharing between calls.

The program will include focus on non-dual consciousness within the duality of our human expression. 

"This program was particularly important to my business because there was a weekly focus that encapsulated the 3 Pillars of Presence, Flexiblity and Congruence throughout the course which are the Principles that I wish to live by and develop consciously and more deeply.

One thing that I learned that I will pass on to my own clients and colleagues is to make the time and schedule creativity whatever that means for them. I most appreciated the integration of the topic/focus for the week and the meditation relevant to that topic, the group interaction and sharing along with the yoga classes and FB lives. There were many aspects to the course with diversity and variety presented with love.

Thankyou for being so open, transparent and real. You’re a Gem and feel blessed to know you and have taken part. I find it fascinating and can only say that you really deliver Aesha and I totally loved it. So a big Thank you" 

Felicity Dales, Australia


Theme 1 SECURE FOUNDATIONS Re-vision your business aligned to who you are and how you work best. 

Theme 2 Expand CREATIVITY and Release guilt.

Theme 3 SOVEREIGNTY - Feel at home in your skin no matter outer circumstances. Release shame.


Theme 4 COURAGEOUS HEART – Present and visible as you. Understand your soul purpose expression and develop trust in your intuitive knowing. Take actions based on Wu Wei principle of not forcing anything. 

Theme 5 EXPRESSION – Use your power rather than force. Understand your expression through Human Design and what works best for you.


Theme 6  DIVINE CONTRIBUTION - Allow your expressions to go out in the world with deep trust and non attachment. 

DIVINE  LIVING - stay in flow with the trajectory of divine consciousness.

Oct/Nov/Dec 2021

open only to 6 participants 

Total Investment $777 

Payment Plan available

Special Bonuses for pay in full

1) private coaching 1-hour session with me (Value $250)

2) 30-min Human Design overview (Value $150)

Oct/Nov/Dec 2021

open to 6 participants 

Total Investment $777 

Payment plan available on application. 

3 x $259 per month

Please book a 20 minute call to discuss your options.

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