I just got it! The IGS that we all have within us.

The IGS is the Internal Guidance System and just like the GPS in your car it continues to give you directions – if you switch it on.
I was on my way home from Brisbane following the directions from my GPS and I made some mistakes, and it just kept giving me directions until I got back on track.

That got me thinking about how even when you go around in circles it doesn’t call you an idiot, doesn’t say you made a mistake, it just continues to give you the directions until you get back on track to your destination.

And I realised we all have an internal guidance system that does the same thing. It continually guides us to our hearts desires and true purpose. But we have to be switched on to hear it. So if instead you hear a voice saying, “you idiot, why did you do that” you know it’s NOT your IGS.


Switch on your IGS by pausing, embodying stillness, listening in, and your IGS will show you the way.