Tension or Relaxation?

Self RealisationTension or Relaxation?

Beautiful Soul,

I was contemplating how self realisation IS the point of practicing the principles and teachings of yoga.

It feels big.

What does it mean?

Self realisation…


I often wonder if that is a conscious intention for people who attend my class.

What does it mean to realise our true nature?

HOW does one?

When the fruit is ripe it falls off the tree.


Before it becomes the beautiful fruit ready to fall off the tree we can do things like nourish it, feed it, care lovingly for the seed, the seedling, the blossom, the fruit.

All the stages of our lives.

Here’s the thing…

Fear or Love

Tension or Relaxation

We can pay attention to those things. This is part of our practice. We don’t need to read the scriptures or know the vedic teachings. Of course it helps like a road map helps to find your way to a destination.

But it can be simple.

Start with yourself

Do you feel fear… or love?

Are you tense… or relaxed?

Set an intention to notice, and become more and more aware of when you are feeling fear and find your way back to your heart. Place your hand or fingers to the centre of your chest and breathe and remember times you felt happy and joyful, things you felt deep gratitude for. This takes as little as 2 minutes. Do this everyday… several times a day if you are tense.

Practice relaxing and letting the tension release from your body. Tension is fear. You are worrying or being anxious about something instead of connecting to the divine and trusting and surrendering.

Surrender brings the deepest relaxation.

We don’t have to wait until we are dying to let go. Let go now.


Let me know how you go letting go,

With love and gratitude,

With love & gratitude,

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