The cat’s out of the bag

That’s how my mom described being seen

by someone she knew while out on a date with her secret new love. If you’ve read my last few newsletters you are aware of this new blossoming romance my mom is enjoying at 83.
They’ve been secretly dating because they don’t want tongues to wag about their new “friendship”. In other words, they prefer not to have negative comments swirling around them. There is wisdom in this.

Whenever you are embarking on a new venture or new anything it’s wise to choose positive thoughts to cultivate feeling good and to create an environment that supports you. This includes making wise choices about who you want to share this with.

When you are feeling good you know you are in alignment with your innermost desires and passions.

Feeling good, or feeling bad are signals put out by our internal guidance system. This internal guidance system is something we all have.

Consciously noticing how we feel helps guide us to observe what thoughts create feeling bad or feeling good. Noticing how we feel is our internal prompter that asks us to turn inward and connect to our inner wellbeing that’s linked to the source of all.

So if we feel badly we can turn inward, connect to our wellbeing and have a look how we are thinking in that moment. It gives us space to shift our thinking and focus on thoughts that make us feel good, or remembering times when we felt joy to change the momentum from feeling badly towards feeling good, which is our natural state of being.

Last month’s quote “my inner is reflected in my outer” touched on this universal law, or alignment. How we feel is reflected in our outer experience.

When Joseph Campbell said, “follow your bliss” I imagine he meant follow your feeling good and follow those wants that come from your inner being. Feeling good is your signal that you are on track in being aligned with joy or bliss, which is our true essential self.

The art of being Self-ish

All this focus on feeling good may bring up thoughts of being selfish. There seems to be a lot of judgment around being selfish in our culture. We are all taught and conditioned NOT to be selfish. And there can be a subtle judging we hold about feeling good and giving fully to ourselves.

But the ability to accept, love and allow another all their choices in life, however different they are to our own, depends on whether you are able to truly give to yourself and feel full and nourished. Being selfish and giving to yourself allows you the expansion and abundance to give to others without any negative emotion attached to it.

With love to you, you are love, Aesha

For next week, seven days, here is a suggestion to play with. The intent is to help you cultivate your feeling good. Each day write down what in your day gave you pleasure and joy and felt good. Try to describe it by the use of the senses. In other words use descriptions that are visual, auditory (sounds), touch, taste, smells. Keep a “My Pleasures List” journal and notice how it begins to subtly shift your perspective to look for the joys in your life.