The strange pull of LOVE

“Let yourself be silently drawn to the strange pull of what you really love. It will not lead you astray” ~ Rumi



In the space / time construct within which we live, another year comes to a close and a new one begins.

If you follow the moon cycle the new year starts on the new moon 6 January.

Will you be making another sankalpa, vow,  resolution, intention, goal-setting and planning?

Do you have a word that you resonate with as your word for the year?


It’s all a bit of fun, but how effective it is really depends on so many other factors including our dharma, discovering as we go along what that is, and what has been transcribed for us before we came into human form: the seeds of desires that we have come in with and how those seeds will play out as we water and nourish them in this lifetime. There really is no other purpose than to uncover those seeds and give them love to blossom. Life is mystery. We don’t have to figure life out to live it.


I love the  quote by Rumi.


“Let yourself be silently drawn to the strange pull of what you really love. It will not lead you astray”


Whenever I feel a little lost I come back to LOVE. Let myself be drawn by love without being caught up in the mind’s resistance and doubts (easier said). Asking in those moments of confusion and struggle, “what would love do in this situation?”





A bit of playful fun in having a word. Let it come to you. My word is INVESTIGATE

I don’t know why. It just came to me and I do admit I love to investigate. I like to dive deep into things and see what’s there. I don’t take what I read or hear at face value. I question and investigate everything and experience for myself.

This coming year feels like I will be investigating resistance. Investigating what stands in the way of _____________ (fill in the blanks)

RELEASING RESISTANCE  is the work I am committed to and helping those who want support to explore and release their resistance.



What is it that you will no longer invite, accept, tolerate in your life?

I put mine into one word – the word  WHY

It’s no longer going to be the question I look for an answer to. It may seem odd, but life is a mystery. The mind always wants an answer to why and it will keep you in the mental realm, which is ok. It’s not good, or bad, or better, or worse.

However, I want next year to be aligned with intuition, and the hearts intelligence and LOVE. So the question of why is not important.


My husband was recently diagnosed with Lymphoma. There is no WHY.  It simply is what is happening right now. The question of why has no purpose. From the knowledge of what’s happening we move along moment to moment and do whatever is necessary. We stay aligned with love and not fear.


In the thick of it I return over and over again to LOVE




I let myself be drawn to the strange pull of love and find myself handling clay and making bowls. I don’t know why… I just love making them and it makes me calm, joyful, happy

Follow that strange pull… let it lead you even if it seems crazy to your mind. Follow it.


If you are drawn to follow the strange pull of what you really love, and release the resistances that get in the way, you may wish to join me in my newly formed Creative Women Artist Circle membership group starting in January 2019

Detailed information about CWAC here

Please contact me to share if this is something that would benefit you.

with love and gratitude,

Be True to you and Be Brilliant



With love & gratitude,

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