To Goal or Not to Goal

I’ve always had a little hesitation around goal-setting. I’m not convinced that it’s a necessary thing to do to get to where you want to get.


For someone who THRIVES in being right here, right now, setting goals about the future has been a bit of a dilemma for me. Last year my vision board crashed down from the wall to the floor. I decided that was it. I didn’t put it back up. Do I need that board? Only if it’s fun and enjoyable to make it without expectation says my inner wise woman. Maybe this is one of the keys.


Here are some musings around

“to goal or not to goal”




This could quite possibly be my word of the year.

Look into where a goal arises from. This is important as it makes a difference in how you feel and whether the goal is going to be effortless or … harnessed with frustration and struggle.


Goals that come from the mental realm of thinking


The mind is always hungry and has infinite wants. It’s never satisfied but it tries. It tries to satisfy a fear-based belief that you aren’t enough, don’t have enough, or you are not where you want to be yet. This is all happening in the mind. Goals set to satisfy this hunger only serves to inflate the falsity of believing in this fear-based mentality. Because it is coming from untruth it carries a contracted feeling in the body and a restlessness.  This is a clue to distinguishing where your goal setting comes from. Of course there are momentary feelings of exultation and expansion when goals are met, but they don’t last very long before it’s hungry again and onto the next goal. This doesn’t mean its wrong or right, good or bad, positive or negative.  It just is.  However, if you are tired of this treadmill you can step off and invite goals that arise from a different place.


Goals that comes from one-consciousness


When a goal arises spontaneously from the place of one consciousness, action happens without a personal doer involved in the process. Thinking about a goal is not required. This has nothing to do with time or space. There is a relaxed feeling sensation in the body/mind and a calm or stillness, instead of restlessness. You connect with the one infinite consciousness that you are as stillness and on the human level you perceive the energy as it arises and follow it. Thinking about it is not involved.  Its a spontaneous action. Life creates what needs to be created into form through you. You, as an integrated non-separated piece of one consciousness.


The ego always wants to claim ownership of doing.  But there is no separated one who is doing. This is the hard bit for the ego to accept and die to –  the personal idea of a self.


For years I argued this point with my husband. It was a joke. I could never agree with his insistence that there is no doer. Back in 2000 or so he had a big energetic shift and his ‘personal’ sense of self dissolved. He repeatedly said to me over the years there is no one doing anything. There is only perception happening and the idea of a separate self doing things is an illusion. And I would quip back, yah but.. what about making CHOICE? We make choices, we have choice and free will. ALL the books I’ve read have said so. We make it happen, don’t we?


Last year (hmmm about 18 years later) I found myself in agreement with him. Spontaneously. There IS really no thing as in a personalised doer. There is no personal ‘I’. When I investigate sincerely it’s so apparent that there is no solid thing that I can say is me. It’s all story, memory, and ideas and concepts.


We tend to think that a person is a solid thing with consciousness inside of them, when it’s the other way round.  We are inside one consciousness expressing itself as this person, a tree, a bug, the flower, the computer. All come from one supreme energy of love expressing itself in many forms.


Many artists experience this sense of not doing and talk about the feeling of something else was doing it, whether composing a piece of music, painting, or writing a story. We’ve all had moments of feeling in the ‘zone’.



In summary:


Investigate your motives in the goal-making process and determine if you are making the goal from a the personal identification which comes attached with the feeling of not yet enough, or not yet arrived. Or if it’s coming from the truth of who you are as part of infinite consciousness energy moving through you expressing itself.


• The goals that come from the hungry mind have a contracted energy and restlessness, if you explore it a bit. It feels contracted because it is telling you you need to be more, you haven’t gotten there yet and that setting goals will get you what you want. The activity of the mind senses its missing something but it doesn’t know what that is. So it searches and searches. The mind actively craves and looks outside of itself to find what will satisfy it.


• The goals that arise out of stillness, presence, oneness are spontaneous. A feeling or sense of energy arises and actions happen seemingly without effort because there is a joy. These goals that arise from this place land in the heart and it’s a no-brainer. Literally!



Would love your feelings on this.

Todays centering thought

I am whole.  I am part of divine infinite consciousness. Nothing is missing. Nothing needs doing. Life is happening.  I’m free and one with all of life 



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