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Do you expect your inner garden to flower constantly?

Hello beautiful souls,

It’s been a big ride over the past month. Some of us have felt it quite strongly. Many of us have felt tired, or overwhelmed, or physically challenged in some way. Unexpected changes appear and old feelings of inadequacy or worthiness resurfacing.

How’s it all been for you?

It’s a time to go deeper and focus within. To access our true value and what’s authentic, important and loving in our lives.

How much of your sense of self precariously rests on how much you do and on your outer accomplishments? Are you tender and gentle with yourself when you are unwell, injured or simply lack the motivation to do anything and all the plans go out the window?

Let’s be honest. We have a conditioning passed down that has impregnated us with a subtle but powerful belief that we shouldn’t need to have any “down-time”. We may think we’re all for it and we acknowledge that it’s important, but when it comes to the crunch and in times when we can’t do much, or accomplish what we planned, we get a bit rough on ourselves.

Even when we want to surrender to the down time, there can still be a part that feels like something is terribly wrong with us.

I’ve witnessed the silent self-talk in myself and in others that labels not being able to get much done as something wrong.

And then we counter our beliefs and feelings about it by getting ourselves all pumped for the next future time to “make it happen”.

It’s exhausting.

The inner unconscious program to keep producing constantly can be very, very subtle. It’s wise to step back with a bit of mindfulness practice to “see” it for what it is, acknowledge it, and find ways to transform and let it go. Perhaps this mindset of constantly producing harks back to the industrial revolution work ethic. In any case, it’s an insidious energy. For one thing it can cause any doubt that we’re good enough to magnify.

Feelings of not good enough is the big erroneous belief that bores a hole in our soul and prevents many of us from stepping fully into our creative power, our brilliance and grandeur of who we really are meant to be in this life.

The unconscious relentless drive to push and constantly produce comes from this dis-ease of trying to prove we are good enough. It erodes our natural instinctive rhythm and flow. We get out of sync with the harmony of universal flow, or more accurately the ebbs as well as the flows we can witness all around us in nature.

What garden has a flower in constant bloom? I don’t know of any.

When we think of it like that we can begin to relax back into our own natural rhythm of life and allow the down times to be a part of the whole. We can release the expectations we carry on a subconscious level to be blooming all the time.

Can we love ourselves and be welcoming and inclusive during those ebbing times? Instead of running, running, running from feelings of shame, and not good enough that reside in the dark compost within can we be with it and witness without judgment and reaction. We all have the same ingredients in the compost. They may be different varieties, but essentially the same.

The next time you find yourself steeped in the stinky compost don’t run away by distracting yourself. Be still and sit with the dark compost and give it resting time because there is sooooo much richness there. So much fertilizer in the making.

Sure, it’s not very pleasant – the dark and the initial stink of the compost. The compost that sits there seemingly doing nothing. But we can re-organize ourselves. We have that capacity. Sometimes we need help with that, but we all have the capacity to re-align with our true nature and grow a sustainable abundant inner garden that supports and grows the outer garden of our life and work.

Ask yourself, how can I lovingly embrace the time that my compost needs in order for it to transform into the rich organic fertilizer that nourishes my inner garden?

How can I rest in the ebbs of life with more enjoyment and pleasure?

This is a natural creative process.
Creating simply means making something come into existence that didn’t exist before. It’s a process of becoming. We do it all the time. We create and make something that didn’t exist before. We’re all creative because we are creating all the time.

When we bring love and consciousness into the process we can create amazing things that uplift our inner energies and transform our outer situations.

Creative energy thrives and flourishes in down time. It needs plenty of space, stillness and room to unfold. It connects us into a place of pure potentiality connected to the universal way or law. When we align with that we can co-create our visions magically and effortlessly.

Yes it does require us to stop constant doing. This can be challenging for some of us. It can feel scary to stop doing. Stillness can bring up the dark and pungent feelings and our immediate impulse is to run as quickly as possible and busy ourselves again. But if we continue to react in this way, we not only stress our nervous system, we miss the opportunity to let the compost transform into fertilizer. Instead of reacting let’s see ourselves as creating and this is a necessary part of the process.

Universal intelligence, of which we are a part, is giving us the opportunity to transform stinky beliefs that hold us back into nourishing fertilizer that will support and grow our soul-seeded dreams and visions.

“stillness is where creativity and solutions to problems are found” – Eckhart Tolle

ps. Do you know what flower that is in the photo. I’d like to know. It was a tree flower taken in Melbourne Australia.

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With love and gratitude

Aesha Kennedy sign off


With love & gratitude,

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