Unity in Diversity

Unity in Diversity

This phrase, motto was over the archway of the place I attended my Yoga Teacher Training in India in the early 90’s. I often think of these words. Perhaps it should be on the archways of every institution ever created as a reminder that we are diverse unique expressions within one consciousness.


That phrase Unity in Diversity is an always timely reminder to focus on our oneness, our unity, and appreciate the diversity,  rather than get lost in the illusion that we are a separated self and that one expression of consciousness could in any way be any better than another.


When the belief that we are separate from everyone and every thing there is deep suffering and it ripples out into the world expressed in so many negative ways. When we feel disconnected from the oneness of life and believe in the separation we compare, we judge, we search for ways to be more perfect as a human, which can lead to an exhaustive search to be better, be more, be perfect. We alter our bodies, eat a certain way, try to stay wrinkle free.


It’s crazy. We search and seek to be better, to find perfection because of this belief in being separate, different, and mostly less than. This may lead to wanting bigger breasts, plumper bums, (yes this is a trend now). Or it could show up as wanting to meditate more, or eat less meat,  reduce carbs.


At the root of this search is this deep seated feeling that there is something missing.


But there is nothing missing, there is only one thing in the way that makes us think so. The idea that you and I are separate entities and the belief that you are separate individual self.  Yes there is a diverse unique body/mind character that you refer to as you, but this you is a story that we identify with as a solid self. This identification with the idea of self disconnects us from the direct knowing that there is no separate ‘I’, and that there is only life flowing. There is only diverse expressions of one consciousness or love, each already whole and perfect.


This truth doesn’t get much attention in the world because then what?  Who would companies sell to? If there is no separate self that wants to be better, improve,  move towards a higher state of consciousness, get enlightened, then what?


The thing that doesn’t get attention is who we really are. A magical part of the mystery of consciousness. A piece of stardust. An expression of love. In the heart of unconditioned love, which is what is sometimes referred to as consciousness this sense of “I” disappears. . There is only innocent perfection and life unfolding moment to moment.  Life energy experiencing itself through form.


How would  your life unfold with the knowing there is only wholeness, perfection and oneness and that there is no one, not a thing that is separately living life? We don’t have to figure it all out. Rest in the mystery, the peace of that. The peace that passeth all understanding. You are home right here, right now.

Investigate and let me know how it feels to live this way. From love, not fear.


with love and gratitude,

With love & gratitude,

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