Visibility and Consistency

Visibility & Consistency Online

Fear says: People won’t trust you if you appear and then disappear. You need to be visible all the time to gain trust. Do you also have this fear?

I had this fear and it made me question a few things. What is consistent? And do people trust quantity over quality? Sure if someone disappears for months I get curious as to where they went. Even jealous. Haha. 
But trust? Nah.

There are people I have followed and trusted for a long while who are not visible all that much, to be honest. They aren’t posting and being everywhere every day in all the social media channels. And yet I trust them because of WHAT they share, and how it resonates in me. So the question I pose (to myself) : Is it because of the quantity that makes me want to follow them, or the quality.  

The answer is always quality. 

Sure, some people are able to pump out quality every day no problem.
But if that’s not you (it’s definitely not me) then it’s essential to find your own flow.
Define your consistency and what works for you. And be willing to change what’s not working.

I tend follow and trust people who are NOT always posting things online. I admire that they are enjoying life. They have 'ikigai', a Japanese word to describe living a rich rewarding life, which of course comes through in their shares and offerings and potentizes them.
Plus I admire people who don’t feel pressured to show up all the time. I eagerly await their next share, blog, newsletter. It’s the quality of what’s shared that stays with me.

So here’s a few things I’ve learned around my own visibility as a highly sensitive, INFJ, Human Design 1/3 Projector

🍂 Aim to share from potency. Keep being inspired outside your business, and away from your computer.

🍂 Be you.  It can be challenging but everything you are IS your power. Own it. Know yourself. Trust yourself.

🍂 Share from living in the richness of your life and let your inspiration flow into your sharing so that when you are visible it has power. The people who resonate are going to be your kind of people. Those people who will like and trust you.Honouring your own 'visibility flow' informs you what, when, and how to share and offer.Your consistency may not look like others consistency.

And lastly…In a world where there is so much noise, sometimes less really becomes so much more.

I’m curious to hear your take on visibility and showing up for yourself and others

LIVING IN F.L.O.W. (Free, Liberating, Open, Wild)
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Currently 4 spaces are still available. We will explore visibility and consistency. We will explore 'Ikigai", finding our unique flow, we will explore wu-wei (non-forcing principles applied) and much more. 

With love & gratitude,

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