Warrior or Worrier

GONG XI FA CAI. This Chinese new year fire / metal rooster asks the question: will you align with being a warrior or a worrier?

I read that this year rooster energy supports

Integrating endings and new beginnings

Personally this is perfect timing. I had a HUGE penny drop yesterday and was, quite frankly, feeling quite intensely what had been deeply buried and playing itself out in my life. 

Seeing it so clearly yesterday was a gift but it didn’t come without feeling the pain and grief of that buried belief, a belief that has played itself out many lifetimes I reckon. 

I don’t mean to be mysterious, but what it was is not so important as my willingness to feel the feelings and surrender to the releasing process. A willingness I encourage you to embrace for this next year.

And you know what? Giving space to 100% fully feel what was going on made the process quicken.  A half day of letting myself go deep into the pain and grief of that buried story has left me cleansed. I truly feel integrated into stepping into a bigger dimension of this life unfolding. What was intense feelings of pain and grief yesterday is gone. 

I tell you my story as encouragement to step up into being true to you and fully into your brilliance. You are here to share your light in your own beautiful unique way. Allow yourself the full range of humanness by being with what arises for you physically, emotionally, mentally. Don’t shy from being present, even if it initially feels intensely uncomfortable.


Will you be a warrior or a worrier?

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The warrior fully accepting of the human condition of feelings. To feel fully what arises, and release what no longer serves and renew with passion, compassion, calmness, confidence.

We can consciously align to our warrior energy this year and embody it as in the yoga pose virabhadrasana.  To align with courage, or heart and embody the fire rooster energy of passion, compassion  calmness, confidence.
Rather than the worrier, that arises when we’ve lost connection to the divine dimension of who we are.

I invite you to make a sankalpa, an intention to stay connected to your divine essence and love no matter what unfolds within you and around you.  


With love & gratitude,

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