Welcome Forward

Why I say WELCOME FORWARD instead of welcome back.

It’s a funny thing ...

It just kind of happened when I found myself so resistant to writing those 2 words, welcome back. I mean, in the context of it, I want to convey an open heart to who I welcome for their presence and return.

But the welcome back didn’t feel right. And it’s the word “back” I was stumbling on.

Mainly because I don’t feel like we ever go back. Or backwards. Back to what was. Like back to normal.  What does that even mean?

So the whole idea of welcome “back” was feeling mis-matched. 

Even more so recently because we’ve all been plunged one way or another out of our routines, what was, and really there is no going back to the way things were 3 years ago.

And it seems apparent that we’re not meant to either.

Life is growth, evolving, moving forward in some way. Even through cement. Honestly I have a plant that is growing through the cement brick out the back of my home. Finding its way to the light.

I stare at it with wonder when I go out to hang laundry on the line. 

So lately, I’ve been saying WELCOME FORWARD

It feels right.

Enjoy your life my friends.

Take time to laugh out loud and often.

Feel the love and let it overflow abundantly and continue to ripple out

Welcome Forward

With love & gratitude,

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