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Creativity, Love, Freedom, Joy, Friendship

2015 comes to an end and I go out and chop wood and carry water, and as 2016 dawns, I go out and chop wood and carry water.

Beautiful souls,
Happy new year.

I do love a new year. It’s a wonderful opportunity to be grateful, to ponder, to contemplate, to celebrate, to review what’s important to you, and to set intentions.

How are you envisioning the year unfolding for you dear friends?

What key words bubble up for you in 2016?

I have a few like love, creativity, friendship but the main one that keeps coming up is an unusual one. It was there again this morning when I woke up ….


Welcome … it sits in my heart like an open invitation.

An invitation to be with whatever arises and treat it with curiosity.

An invitation to stay present in the unfolding moment without judging or preference.


Imagine someone arrives at your door and you open it to welcome them. If they are friends you love, it’s easy. But what about the difficult ones that arrive at your door unannounced. Can you welcome them as well?

I sometimes feel very vulnerable when I practice welcoming.
Thoughts like, “What if it’s something horrible that arrives at my door?”
Aaah yes, this is what the mind does to protect us. It churns up irrational thoughts like this to keep us from opening, growing, expanding. But really it’s simply trying to protect us from possible harm.
Thank you.
However, when we sit in the energy of the heart, and abide in the love that is there, no thought can hurt or harm us.


To all the feelings and thoughts that arise in each moment.

Even with best intentions there is either a tendency to run, avoid, escape from what arises or on the other hand, cling tightly to what arises depending on whether we deem it pleasant or unpleasant.

These can be oh so subtle and can only be seen and recognized when we are quietly inviting, watching with curiosity, and being with what is.

Yes. This year I make an intention and resolve to WELCOME what is.

It can seem like a tall order, I know, but I like to think of it as a gentle invitation to deepen love and awaken one’s divine intelligence and capacity for staying present to what is. The ripple effect of being present is such a gift to our self and to others.
I’m not always going to be successful in every moment, but it’s so worth the effort and devotion to the intention.

Will you join me in this simple yet challenging intention?

Let’s truly WELCOME in the new year and all that it brings with an open grateful heart.

Let a welcoming attitude sit in your heart and show you how to live a more awareness-based life.

It requires going deeper to the place of knowing within us and letting it guide us through feeling rather than trying to think our way through. The mind can return to its true function of being in service to awareness and the divine presence within.

Welcoming doesn’t mean always saying yes. Welcoming simply gives us pause for recognizing, acknowledging and discerning.

The challenge is to practice WELCOME to all who arrive at the door.

You will begin to notice a positive change. A deepening calm within and acceptance of what is. Less drama, more spaciousness. We become creative in life rather than reactive.

2016 is a year of prioritizing and essentials. I’m prioritizing ways to nourish and nurture my creativity and creative expressions big time this year.

And one of my intentions for 2016 is exploring ways that I can help others discover and nurture their creativity.

So stay tuned. I have lots in store to offer you in 2016 to connect with your creative self.

Remember we need to keep our cups full so the fullness can overflow to our loved ones without feeling drained. Tapping into your creativity is one of the most joyful ways to replenish your energy and feel fulfilled.

With love to you, you are love,


We all have seeds of creativity planted within us. We are born creators and we’re meant to create. It’s our purpose to uncover those seeds and nurture our creativity. When we don’t, we whither.

1 – Stillness – your creative self thrives when you make stillness a part of daily life.

2 – Flexibility – Bye-bye perfectionism. Hello change and the unknown. Cultivate a welcoming attitude.

3 – Curiosity –Let it be your guide and follow it as you welcome what comes forth.

4 – Resilience – Life’s not always a smooth ride. The ebbs, flows, ups, downs of a creative life will ask you to dive deep and discover the strength and resilience that is within you

5 – Love is the core ingredient for creating anything. Sometimes we forget. Remember to love what you are creating and let it love you back. Ask your creative self what it needs from you.

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With love and gratitude

Aesha Kennedy sign off


With love & gratitude,

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