What I am and Shakespeare

Hello dear readers,


What I am and Shakespeare. Why this topic?  It’s my birthday and anniversary coming up next week. And with every birthday I go into a very contemplative state of being. I don’t do this intentionally. It’s like an energy that takes over and I start to become very internal.


That’s why I don’t like having birthday parties. I’d rather be in solitude and quiet. Its just where I tend to gravitate.


My friend at breakfast this morning thought this was appalling. That I wasn’t having a big celebration for my 65th. Ah well. I’m not one to celebrate a number of years. I’ve always been a societal misfit. I am, however, rather amazed at celebrating my 25th anniversary at this time as well.  Certainly proves how irrelevant time can be as it feels like our being together exists in no-time.


In my current contemplative mood, I recognise a big part of my life since I was a child has been about finding or remembering who and what I am beyond the time/space construct. A construct that’s built from human mentality. Outside of that mentality is what’s happening in a presence of now. This. Not what we THINK is happening, not in thinking at all. It’s something we experience and get glimpses of when we are not in the head. When something takes over, and time and space dissolves and one is so present to what’s happening in that very moment and one’s sense of a solid self vanishes, what is there is this all encompassing sense of expansion and wellbeing and love. We’ve all experienced these moments.


Who I am, who we are, is not a solid mass but actually space… lots of space.


In fact scientists have discovered this also. That even the tiniest sub-atomic particle is made of mostly space. And every cell is mostly space which means our bodies are not this solid mass we think it is, nor any object around us. Everything is made up of mostly space.. or energy.


We are so conditioned to belief that we are a solid mass.  Then we assign this solid mass a name who does this that in the world, who likes this, doesn’t like that, etc. etc.  and yet all of it is a concept, which is thought, or memory in time. But what are we beyond time and beyond the mental concepts we’ve hung on to?


This excites me and pulls me inwards towards what is really-real.  Who I think I am is not solid. Yes things happen, continue to happen because I’m not this solid somebody running the show called Aesha. Aesha is a role I’m playing, like an actor in a play. One plays the role as well as they can, but an actor knows it’s not real.


All the world’s a stage, said Shakespeare.


How true. We are the actors on this Earth stage. We can realise it’s not real and enjoy life as we stay connected to ever present consciousness which is really the director of the play we are in.  We needn’t take our roles seriously or believe the role is who we are. We are so much more than that.


One consciousness of which contains all our individual humanness expressed through these unique bodies and minds. Isn’t that just amazing. Mysterious.

Life is energy, flow, and we needn’t push the flow of life. It flows on its own.


I am aware, more acutely than ever, of this presence that is always with us that has never ever changed. Body changes, mind changes, feelings change, we count our age in numbers and yet…….this alive presence is always there unchanged, always the same. Its an  aliveness and presence that perceives and experiences life through us.


This is at the core of everything I endeavour to share, teach, and express. This connection to consciousness as all there is. It is here in the presence of each moment. It is an energy of unconditioned love and is in every thing.

This is really-real. THIS. What is happening right now as you read this, as you breathe, as you hear sounds, as you feel your body sitting, lying, walking, dancing. It is here with you always.


With so much love and gratitude for sharing this journey, this mystery, together.

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P.P.S.  I’d love to hear those moments when you recognised there is more than the body and the mind moving through time/space. Share in the comments below.

With love & gratitude,

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