Who’s in Control?

Who’s in Control?

Do we choose?

Do we decide?

Our mind (or ego-mind) would say definitely YES. Of course I choose. I decide.

But do we?

Spiritual texts, such as the teachings of Advaita, (thousands  of years old) clearly state that you are not the ‘doer’ in your life. Life is happening. You are not in control. There is no separate ‘doer’ that is making choices or decisions.

And science seems to be catching up to similar conclusions. A test was conducted that showed that people make choices and decisions 4-7 seconds BEFORE the brain and body responds to press the button. Seconds before. So who’s making the decision before the mind/body kicks in? Who’s pressing the button?

Even more interesting are is a study by the HeartMath Institute. Test subjects brains and hearts were monitored. When presented with a series of random images on a screen both the heart and brain reacted BEFORE the image appeared, but the heart responded seconds before the brain. Here’s an excerpt:

Finally, a recent study, conducted by McCraty, Atkinson, and Bradley (2004a & 2004b), augmented Radin’s protocol by adding measures of brain response (EEG) and heart rhythm activity (ECG) and found that not only did both the brain and heart receive the pre-stimulus information some 4-5seconds before a future emotional picture was randomly selected by the computer, but that the heart appeared to receive this information even before the brain. The consistent finding across these studies is that the body typically responds to a future emotionally arousing stimulus four to seven seconds prior to experiencing the stimulus.

How fascinating is that?

We are born with a built in IGS? (Internal guiding system). Intuition. But just like a car’s GPS, you have to switch it on in order for it to work.

When it is switched off, we are basically operating out of fear. We react. We feel alone and separate. Creativity cannot exist in this fallow field of fear.

Ask yourself:

Can I let go and truly surrender control of my life?

How does it feel to ask that question?

Is there fear?

Often there is. It’s bloody scary to let go of control. Even though the joke is .. we never have control in the first place. It’s an illusion.

Years ago in my early thirties I was guided to meet Pat Rodegast who was a channel for the energy known as Emanuel. And Emanuel always reminded us to align with Love.

Fear and love cannot exist at the same time.

It’s an incredible potent strength to truly let go of control and surrender to the guiding force within you, and build trust in it. To lean into love instead of fear. Not that it’s always easy, not that it won’t sometimes be scary,  but Joyful? Creative?  …. YES.

I’ve interviewed brilliant women who talk about intuition on my podcast Brilliant Misfits. You can listen to the episodes here or on iTunes. Tips on how to follow your intuition and release the mind’s need for control.

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You are not the doer. Life is happening. It has your back. It’s a benevolent force that lovingly supports you to be all that you are. Surrender to it.

Let go of your illusion of control and see what happens. Experiment, play, have fun, giggle, enjoy the process, let go of attachment to outcomes.

Let me know how you go.

With love to you, you are love,


With love & gratitude,

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