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I used to be a worrier. 
Now I’m a warrior. 
The difference? 
The warrior trusts … trusts in something bigger, vaster than my mind’s reality.
Love, Divine, God, Source..

The worrier tries to do everything herself and is highly attached to things working out the way she wants.
I’ve lived a lot of my life that way but I’ve been able to shift from worrier to warrior. 

It’s something I’ve been noticing and rejoicing recently and I wondered hmmm when did that shift happen. 
How come I no longer fear things. And if something happens outside my expectation or wants, I don’t worry, panic.

R E L A X in what’s happening. A presence that doesn’t worry, doesn’t take ownership, doership and has this incredible trust that all is well. Always. All ways.

This shift can happen for anyone who wants it. 
I realised how futile worrying is. 
But mostly I didn’t like the feeling of worry in my body. It never lies. And the feeling was unpleasant.

I started to wonder what’s real and what’s not. 
What’s NOT real is my minds string of thoughts and narratives. ( I love Byron Katie’s work to unpack this).

Deeper… into the body. The body, the ‘soma’ knows. I listen within. The divine, source, love, God is within me within you.

I love the feeling of the warrior. She’s gentle, but strong, resilient, and capable of slaying the mental narratives that feed on fear. She knows what’s real and what’s not.


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